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Eduardo Rojas Soriano

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الإصدار: 1.2.6
حجم: 2.9M


يستخدم Screen Flashlight ضوء شاشتك لتحويل جهازك إلى مصباح يدوي مفيد ، ويمتلك التحكم في السطوع وله تصميم أنيق.

كما يوفر مصباح يدوي الشاشة وظائف أكثر من مصباح يدوي شائع ، لأنه يحتوي على وضع Strobe و SOS (رمز دولي للمساعدة).

ميزات مصباح يدوي الشاشة:

- مصباح يدوي
- ستروب.
- استغاثة.
- وضع RGB لتخصيص لون الشاشة.
- ألوان الشاشة مسبقا.
- تردد القوية للتغيير.
- سيطرة سطوع.
- مؤقت النوم.

تحذير: قد يكون بعض الأشخاص حساسين للأضواء الوامضة.

الصرع الحساس (PSE) هو شكل من أشكال الصرع الذي يتم فيه تشغيل النوبات من خلال المنبهات البصرية التي تشكل أنماطًا في الزمان أو الفضاء ، مثل الأضواء الساطعة أو الخطوط العريضة أو الأنماط العادية أو الأنماط المتحركة المنتظمة.

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تعليقات حول Screen Flashlight‏

  • inspiretarot

    inspiretarot Flashing lights are great for when crossing streets in the dark.. Also for alerting bus driver if bus stop is in a dark area... Flash light very bright.. Good

  • JuliCKZ4

    JuliCKZ4 Great...... This app is just fun and simply to use. This makes you enjoy your match at the stadium. Must have

  • spillalty

    spillalty Simple, effective signal & NO B.S. No nonsense. Free. No special privileges required. Simple S-O-S, strobe & flashlight (screen light). Adjustable speed, frequency, and color. Nicely done. Thanks for this awesome no nonsense app. Highly Recommend.

  • hectorsnyder921

    hectorsnyder921 Brilliant weekend app just make sure your not epileptic Great wee app for making ppl think your an under cover cops when your driving along just flick it to the blue strobe and cranck up the speed to full this is iligal n I don't recomed any1 do it it's grate for entertaining the kids making wee discos for them when you think about it its a grate wee tool as long as your battery lasts.... Good

  • AdhelaAllonna

    AdhelaAllonna Simple and useful Simple to use, some ads though they are not intrusive. Options to change colour, strobe on/off and strobe colour, SOS flash pattern and multicolour flashing. It would be nice to be able to pick the secondary strobe colour (its black by default), though this is a minor thing. All round good app, no dodgy background activity from what I can tell either :) Must have

  • absoccamewmep

    absoccamewmep Excellent! Easy to use. Thoughtful design. Doesn't need access to everything. SOS signal (more valuable than most people realize). If it saves one life, what a hero Eduardo would be for just being thoughtful. Thank you Eduardo. Great job

  • fluptApop

    fluptApop Amazing and great I really love it. The colours are very amazing. You guys should try this Worth a go!

  • TrepHoornebot

    TrepHoornebot Loved it tons Had a great SOS and safety units that me and my son think would be awesome if u needed help or someone was trying to get u. Works great

  • OneInvestment

    OneInvestment A perfect pal in the dark! This screen flashlight has all the features you could need, conveniently arranged and accessible! I love it!

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