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Thomas Cannon

إذا كنت قد نسيت أن إلغاء قفل الشاشة تجاوز Pro, هذا التطبيق سيتم إعادة تعيين.

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الاهتمام: هذا التطبيق يتطلب تجاوز قفل الشاشة برو ليتم تثبيتها أولا من قبل أنه سوف يعمل.

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تعليقات حول Screen Lock Bypass Reset

  • samsunggalaxys

    samsunggalaxys AWESOME !!! IT WORKS WOW.... it worked it actually worked .. my phone is back without loosing ny of my previous info... in love with this app... thanku thankx a lot... would recommend this app for everyone..

  • xrumer1prow

    xrumer1prow How to get it to work:- If you forgot your screen lock of your phone : Install it through the play store web site and connect your phone to the computer. Switch of your phone, and when you switch it on, the screen lock bypass option will come up so just press the back button without pressing uninstall or anything else and you'll get access to your phone. Go to google settings and press the "android device manager app".On your computer Google android device manager and press the first link. You'll be able to reset your password.

  • ferdmagnd1

    ferdmagnd1 Melissa McDaniel I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews, but this worked for me! I didn't have to download the pro version to get into my phone, but it won't take the screen lock off completely unless I do download the pro version. The app comes up and all I had to do is press the back button key on my phone, and I was able to get into my phone to view everything. It won't let me go to the home screen but I just hit the back button and it will eventually get to the home screen. I think it was well worth downloading and I am going to get the pro version so I can delete the screen lock all together because $4 isn't very much for an app, if it can bypass the screen lock on my phone and I don't have to do a hard reset on my phone and lose everything! I disagree with all the bad remarks that some people are leaving, because I am proof that it does work, and no app is perfect and will always take some tweaking to get it right, but other than that, I give this app 5 stars!

  • herbertcoope114

    herbertcoope114 Tention overloaded..! Oh my goodness!I have accidentally locked my galaxy y and i had forgot the password for it and searched the net about the solution and i got this app its awesome it unlocked my phone in minutes without even asking me any details...!!! Thanks to the creator of the app please do create such apps these are very helpful now a days....!!!

  • umairhp

    umairhp Screen un-locked!! I was looking for alternate option for hard reset (factory default)...downloading this App solved my un-locking issue. Thanks. Thanks to Google for integrating mobile and gmail account to install it remotely. Thomas - I have searched on all forums to find the simple solution but there was no hint about it...I am going to post it everywhere for sure! Thanks a lot!

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