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الإصدار: 0.16.3
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سابقا "Andromium OS، Sentio خارج حاليا في بيتا الحرة العامة لها لفترة محدودة.

Sentio سطح المكتب

يحول سطح المكتب Sentio هاتفك الذكي إلى جهاز كمبيوتر محمول بجعل وظيفة الروبوت مثل OS سطح المكتب مألوفة. ارتديه مع الأجهزة Superbook لتجربة الكمبيوتر المحمول كاملة.

هذا الإصدار من Sentio سطح المكتب هو فقط لالروبوت 5 و 6. إذا كان لديك الروبوت 7 و 8 يرجى الرجوع إلى؟id=com.sentio.desktop

وتشمل الميزات:
& # 8226؛ & # 8195؛ قائمة ابدأ
& # 8226؛ & # 8195؛ شريط المهام مع علبة النظام
& # 8226؛ & # 8195؛ مركز إعلام
& # 8226؛ & # 8195؛ لوحة مفاتيح كاملة ودعم ماوس
& # 8226؛ & # 8195؛ إطار متعدد نافذة مع تطبيقات Sentio
& # 8226؛ & # 8195؛ وأكثر!

للحصول على تجربة كاملة مع Sentio سطح المكتب، وسوف تحتاج أيضا إلى تثبيت Sentio التطبيقات، والتطبيقات الأساسية حزمة لSentio. يشمل Sentio تطبيقات إدارة الملفات، ومتصفح، ومشغلات صورة / فيديو / الصوت، وأكثر من ذلك. تحميل اليوم:؟id=com.sentio.apps

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تعليقات حول Sentio Desktop (Lollipop, Marshmallow)‏

  • kopynsw

    kopynsw Creative Interesting to see something like this. I honestly can't wait to see phones be more powerful than PC's... Imagine what pc sized computers would do then... Its a vicious cycle Muito bom!

  • gift_that_gives

    gift_that_gives Are you support android N ?. Are andromium OS support boot from USB in laptop? Go well

  • webmark

    webmark Hope you guys do well with your Kickstarter and everything. I'm really impressed, I just hope devs can get on board with this. Pretty good

  • geroldjustin

    geroldjustin Innovative The app may still be but only a beta release, but the novelty alone nets it 5 stars from me. I'm sure that the future will be interesting, keep up the hard work, dev! Great job

  • eldelrydero

    eldelrydero Awesome concept - Please keep the project alive Obviously this is a beta and there's a long road ahead. Great concept to give some competition to Remix OS and others. Please keep on developing because we're not far from realising the vision of being able to do away with work laptops for regular office work. Enjoy it!

  • Williamisfcm

    Williamisfcm Better then windroid Could use more user customizations, creating folders, and needs to be a dedicated launcher. Fabulous!

  • christinah

    christinah I love the idea, but they should have tested it more before releasing a beta. It will only launch once on my device unless I force stop, and sometimes it hangs up so badly that I have to power my device off or even pull the battery. Worth a go!

  • Amagecera

    Amagecera Amazing Idea! This is amazing! By any chance could you add more pc features like a notepad and control panel? Otherwise... GOOD JOB! Marvelous

  • bsutton13

    bsutton13 Amazing idea but more improvement to funcunality of the gui. Very cool but needs improvement------ The bar at the top can sometimes interfere with the app it's working with. ------ I'd like a way to have files in the desktop and a way to drag it freely where ever I want instead of those squares.------- Also a way to surround the app with the same setup as the andronium apps to minimize, get bigger and smaller, and close on it.... you know its on the top right of all andromium apps.------- also when I click the up button (middle one) on the top right corner of the app, it goes up, but I can never get it back down. If there were fixed, it would be great! On the andromium browser the site resolution is still a little small (theres a lot of space between the google results and the right side.) Highly Recommend.

  • plaillvig

    plaillvig Better and still improving I was afraid ya'll would abandon this! Glad to see you are still improving! Marvelous

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