تحميل Shake Flashlight‏ للحصول على الروبوت


بدوره على مصباحك عن طريق هز!

( 38,579 )
الإصدار: 1.0.70
حجم: 3.3M


هزة مضيا هو أداة صغيرة والتي يمكن تشغيل أو إيقاف ضوء الكاميرا فقط عن طريق الاهتزاز. عندما كنت في حاجة الى مصباح يدوي، كل ما عليك القيام به هو تحول على الشاشة والهز هاتفك.

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تعليقات حول Shake Flashlight‏

  • onmusglz

    onmusglz Pretty useful Comes in handy especially when I'm in looking in hard to reach spots & I love that its super bright!!! But sometimes the "Shake" setting is a little too sensitive even when I change the setting. Overall happy with it Not bad

  • ipoduqlb

    ipoduqlb Helpful information THIS app is VARY helpful. So simple its probably for ages 3+s . If your 3 year old can read Worth a go!

  • ggvssf

    ggvssf Works, but has some shortcomings Downloaded this app because I missed the shake-on flashlight from my previous Motorola phone. Two things kill it though. Firstly, even on the least sensitive setting it keeps turning on in my pocket when I walk. Secondly, every time you shake the flashlight on or off, the app opens to full screen. Would be nice if not could do it in the background. Fabulous!

  • gulbwdwht

    gulbwdwht If your looking for easy & convenient There's nothing to it... For those of you like myself who aren't the most tech savvy...this is right down your alley!!!! Awesome

  • oahgrz

    oahgrz Use it every night! I got used to the feature on a Moto X but returned it and got a Nexus. I missed the shake feature and was happy to find this app! Very convenient. Pretty good

  • leyzjtmppsl

    leyzjtmppsl Incredibly handy It works well. Only thing I don't like is that if you use it while your phone is locked, it's the focused app on your screen when you unlock it. Omg

  • vhmhcsnplgq

    vhmhcsnplgq Shake for flashlight. Finally someone did it! No more looking to find the flashlight app. Just shake on shake to turn off. Couldn't be any easier. Best flashlight app in the playstore. Guaranteed Good

  • peiovwtga

    peiovwtga Great, Convenient Light Good job, guys! So far, as normal, your app works just as you say! I've always hated frantically searching for my flashlight when I need it but with this app you've solved ANOTHER one of my problems.... Thanks! Flawless

  • Peedgeemort

    Peedgeemort Brilliant. .!! On the odd occasion it gets a bit stubborn but I'm sure that's my phones fault excellent flashlight app. .when I want light access quickly, this does the job without fail. Highly Recommend.

  • grdeng

    grdeng Wow OMG this is what I have been looking for, I highly recommend this it will come in handy so much for me

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