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  • chapmance

    chapmance Yes you obviously will get connection problems while streaming through your 3G or 4G and you don't want to do that anyway if you don't have unlimited data. NetFlix will give you the same error on bad connections, just because it's 4 bars doesn't mean fast internet, it just means you're connecting to the signal at 4 bars. Connect through WiFi and stream on you big screen at home!! if you have bad connections issues, use a lower quality.

  • traveljan

    traveljan i love this app but one day it stopped working and the app show blanks no movie or show HELP ME FIX IT

  • spacecadet

    spacecadet find smart people off the internet please help me everytime I try to open the app hey crashes in saying unfortunately Showbox has stopped please I beg of you I have kids and I'm married this is my xscape

  • filefreaksweb

    filefreaksweb have downloaded a movie, using the download feature. Is this movie now stored on my device? If so a) where is it stored? and b) If I watch it when out of wifi range am I eating my data allowance? Furthermore, can I transfer to my laptop and then burn as a disc?

  • contentwriterinIndia

    contentwriterinIndia Can SHOWBOX be better than Netflix? Please UPDATE " NEW MOVIES!!!" PLEASE???

  • stormchaser7469

    stormchaser7469 This is great! Get a Chrome cast and its better then net flix or hulu plus

  • Ultrlcwc

    Ultrlcwc download and played great for 10 min...Then starts again at the beginning...or says - sorry this video can't be played.... ..but it plays great for a while. ..what gives...

  • melsbgr

    melsbgr Goooood Goooood Goooood Goooood

  • emrys13

    emrys13 This app is mean allows me to watch movies offline once I download them and the picture is wonderful best app for movies to be unleashed

  • gtkaroly

    gtkaroly Force closes whenever I open the app. Tried re-downloading and it didn't help. Not sure what's going on, but this app is awesome when it's working. Please fix!


    DEERGOSSY does it work on XP SP3 ?

  • sathishkumar_skyblue

    sathishkumar_skyblue Someone please help me. Every time I click on a movie it opens up but there's nothing there. The only things there are add to library and share no watch or download buttons

  • AgivioksTougs

    AgivioksTougs Mine works perfectly fine... just wish i new what site to download the movies to my pc

  • kapilseth

    kapilseth Some help please?! It will only go landscape and half the page is cut off, so I cant change what series I want to watch. I can watch episodes but only if its from the latest series. Is there anything I can do to change this?

  • evawentinkk

    evawentinkk #media-player Works so far! This seems WAY too good to be true. But it works, and is pretty amazing. 5 stars if I don't find any catches. Update:Totally amazing, period. All we need is Chromecast support.

  • jiji003

    jiji003 Good start to multi-platform support.! It has the same layout and functionality as the iOS version, but a lot of the interface is very rigid and inflexible, both in appearance and placement. All stuff that is easily fixed, though, once some time is spent on it.. Recommend to install Show Box APK.

  • alanood_alsadoon

    alanood_alsadoon Brilliant! So glad its now out on android as was using it on Ios before but absolutely brilliant

  • genegeary

    genegeary Love it! Finally! Been waiting for this to go to android ever since I found it on cydia, as soon as you add movies I'll get rid of my iPhone (that's the only thing the iPhone is good for). Recommend to download Show Box APK.

  • lachance1969

    lachance1969 The best !!!! This is the best app, this is way better then Netflix 10x better but the only thing they are missing are the movies but other then that the best app. Recommend to get Show Box APK.

  • Kqqdxiqu

    Kqqdxiqu #media-player Love it! Its the same app that can be found in cydia on iOS devices and its here !! Thanks for the developers