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wang xiaoyong

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تعليقات حول Simple Monster Hunter‏

  • daniellaming

    daniellaming Skip! If only we could skip automatically then i could 5 star this game! Other than that ita a great game! And maybe implement a continuous mining button or something? I hate having to go to the main menu again and picking the quest all over again.

  • parrotsperch

    parrotsperch Pretty good. This game is addictive, but becomes repetitive very quickly. Farm happy game. Only thing that matters is having very high armor. Hammer is the best period. I like the other weapons, but their stats just don't compare to hammer. The VERY beginning blade is best for the armor. But I calculated it out, and lvl 2 and on, hammer is a clear winner unfortunately.

  • unstoppable

    unstoppable Monster Hunter simplified Exactly as described, monster hunter but on a simple phone version, great as a farming game, highly addictive as a die-hard monster hunter fanatic! Only one complaint, the "skip" button takes way to long to pop up...

  • chirchori

    chirchori Simple but a good game I don't really care about graphic, the game it self is fun.The minus is it took willpower, your chance to get a girl/boyfriend and part of your soul to become super strong in this game. Recommend to play this when you're doing other thing(e.g. watching movie, getting scold by your mom, attending a meeting, etc). Could be 5 star if the skip button pop out faster.

  • sumitbacha

    sumitbacha Great but short I love monster hunter. It's a great simple version of it. But I beat it in 1 day and have a +100 final weapon. So I 1 hit all the monsters.. Wish there was more dynamic to the armor and weapons.


    ICLASSIE Most Epic Simple Game Ever!!! I like the way the characters are well made! It still needs more weapons and monsters but this is still an Awesome game!

  • ujoihokifa

    ujoihokifa OMG THIS IS SIMILLAR TO MONSTER HUNTER AND IT IS AWESOME!!! I have been a fan of Monster Hunter and this is the only game simillar to.Please add multiplayer! 5 stars straight away! :)

  • letfreedomring

    letfreedomring Awesome This game is almost exactly like monster hunter but instead of battles being 10 min they're 10 seconds. Just need to make 1 to 4 players, that would be awesome

  • growthflexvproreview

    growthflexvproreview Awesome. Awesome game just 1 thing some items are like impossible to get. I have done double kaulua bird thing like 200 times and no tail. Also I think if you beat the quest once you should be able to skip right away if not sooner.

  • vickeyteneja

    vickeyteneja Awesome Graphics can be better. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, gameplay and upgrading your character are really fun!

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