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  • vieraluv

    vieraluv Great I have tried a number if apps and have dumped them all. This is straightforward and provides pertinent updates, not rehashes of them same stories. Glad I found it. Go well

  • Bambbiwoods

    Bambbiwoods The right vision for news app I always wanted a news app that can combine the same news form different publishers, I thought Facebook should do it but I am very happy to find it. Recommend

  • 3BrothersMarketing

    3BrothersMarketing Best News App Yet I've tried dozens of news apps and this is the best I've found. Really clever way of going from one article to the next, and great content. **One request, can you exclude football from the 'Sport' category as there is a separate 'Football' category?** Omg

  • Enrilette

    Enrilette Best news app but needs more categories Been looking for a news app that lets me browse headlines quickly like the Yahoo news app, but doesn't load articles into an external browser. This one almost meets my needs. I must page through headlines but this deficiency is offset by a useful article summary on each page, which is a great help to decide to read more. My only gripe concerns categories. Only 2 of them interest me. I'd love to see world/international, health, odd, U.S., popular, and opinion.

  • peerhartdeage

    peerhartdeage Nice So far love it great design, a little slow but really rounds out how I get news, make it a little more relative and u get my 5 star

  • dyefseams

    dyefseams Top Nachrichten App Sehr schnell, kompakt und übersichtlich, alles ganz klar aufgebaut. Klasse Bedienung und tolles Design!

  • Boninjern

    Boninjern So many news aggregators available.. But this is one of my favs. It makes it easy to get quick updates from different categories.

  • scarbarge

    scarbarge Easy to navigate After I realized I was getting a preview of each story and figured out how to open the entire story I saw many cool features. The animated opening of the icons was really cool, and the quick reference to the topic categories streamline it for getting to what I'm interested in fast. There is enough info on each article to decide if I wanted to read the whole thing our flip to the next article. Perfect for my Samsung Note 4 as well as anyone else's phone for sure.

  • FugeuroneeDig

    FugeuroneeDig Simply News rocks This has become my go-to Android based news app. I like the ability to drill into categories, then the stories. The topics and number of stories is configurable but news sources are not. App works very well on my phones. (GS3 & LG G4)

  • battsmarm

    battsmarm Better support for local news Please add more local news providers.. example: West Palm Beach, Fl. It's an hour away from Miami, Fl. Maybe go by counties because there are a lot of cities in Florida.

  • delpMeemo

    delpMeemo Simply nice A very pleasing app. Well designed. Comforting. Coverage could be more broad-based.

  • boillCalsNito

    boillCalsNito crashes on nexus 6 loved the app on all my previous phones but it consistently crashes on nexus 6. will uninstall and wait for a fix. Go well

  • erersewaW

    erersewaW Good app, bad animations Remove the cheesy & laggy flipping animations and this would be a much more clean & polished 5 star experience.

  • brockgriffin410

    brockgriffin410 Awesome What a great find! Very clean interface and beautifully designed. Please add a widget in your next update, thanks! ***Update 4/22*** Thanks for adding widgets! Pretty good

  • autoglaze

    autoglaze Clean clear and concise But when reading a linked full article, pressing the back button takes you back to the snippet and not back one page as expected. Brilliant

  • capricewoolley

    capricewoolley Great Design, But Lacking Elements Really cool design and operation! Very cool! But it's lacking enough articles per Category and lacks the ability to add Categories, of which it has VERY FEW! This could easily be a 5 Star app if these things were addressed! Just wow

  • sdznmy89

    sdznmy89 Excellent News App My favorite news app. Wish it had a landscape view mode for viewing on notepad device. Omg

  • ldrake5

    ldrake5 Very impressed Just got this app, but have noticed it is able to bring important news that is up to date. Thanks. wow lol

  • cvshow

    cvshow This app grows on you. At first you think it's a minimal app. But then I realize I use it every day. And it's because it's minimal. Nice! love it

  • Daave12

    Daave12 Simply News rocks This has become my go-to Android based news app. I like the ability to drill into categories, then the stories. Only issue is that it doesn't make sharing a story by emailing a link easy to do. Highly Recommend.