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"متزلج بوي" من السهل جدا ولكن متعة فائقة.

( 1,149,569 )
الإصدار: 1.18.41
حجم: 12.24 MB


تسريع والقفز، وأداء الحيل المختلفة في السلامة الجوية والهبوط. "صبي متزلج" لعبة من السهل جدا
ولكن متعة فائقة.

تحتاج فقط إلى تسريع أو القفز فوق العقبات على الطريق والحصول على درجات ممكن ما تستطيع.

الطريق للعب من السهل جدا.
اضغط على قيعان اثنين على الشاشة (واحد الحق يتسارع والآخر القفز و). عرض بعض باردة

يمكن الحيل في الهواء حصول على نقاط اضافية.

الصور واضحة وبسيطة
تضاريس مختلفة -3
-90 مستويات باردة والادمان.
-مختلف الحيل باردة.
مستويات أكثر تأتي في وقت قريب. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Skater Boy

  • JRInstitute

    JRInstitute Good enough It's an awesome game. I'm bored of playing the same levels again and again. So there should more levels Worth it!

  • qmsnxmcava

    qmsnxmcava This app is really fun but it is taking a lot of time to enter the app please fix this problem. then I will give a five star rating 5 star

  • ripokais

    ripokais Gamergirl7456 Ok since I got my fist tablet this has been a really good game it can get a little hard but it's still fun Great!

  • sarahvanreeth

    sarahvanreeth Its awesome! The only thing I don't like is when you have to wait for "READY,GO!" before you can actually go and it takes a long time. Enjoy it!

  • kim_van_der_auweraer

    kim_van_der_auweraer Error at level 9 of Cemetery The game is good but at the level 9 of Cemetery the skater boy cannot pass through the bus in any way. Please recheck the level. Thanks. Awesome

  • Braniaborry

    Braniaborry Samya Nayan Shah I love this game.It is interesting the second best ever game.When the skater boy was reaching to bus my all lives finishes and I'm out.But till now I am in 21 level Fantastic

  • Poesselty

    Poesselty Good game I love this game. I beat my brother he on level 2 he keep crying and wining i laughed at him he said " leave me alone love it

  • johnolson

    johnolson Awesome But found a glitch. Some point when you jump the game goes to infinite loop and never returns, clearing the level Omg

  • filledmilk

    filledmilk Challenging and funny It is such a nice game and there is also fun when one scooter man , pigs etc are coming it is also so much exicting i liked it i suggest you should dwld this game Works perfectly

  • LinleyJeanAuthor

    LinleyJeanAuthor I CAN NOT PASS LEVEL 7 I can't pass level seven in cemetery .Comperd to that its cool. Worth a go!

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