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الإصدار: 1.7.0
حجم: 70M


الشروع في رحلة مثيرة عبر الأراضي كرمي! تحميل سكاي السحر الآن، انها رهيبة ربط الإصبع!

جلب الجمال والانسجام إلى العالم من المخلوقات السحرية والحفاظ على جزر عائمة في السماء من خلال ربط السحر قليلا، ويمهد الطريق للمياه سحرية. ولكن احترس-there'll يكون العديد من العقبات في طريقك!

* استمتع تركيبات لذيذ والرسومات أخروي!
* سحر طريقك من خلال لا تنتهي المتعة مع مئات من مستويات فريدة من نوعها!
* مساعدة المخلوقات السحرية استعادة عالم من العجائب
* ربط ثلاثة أو أكثر من نفس اللون سحر ونرى ما سيحدث!
* البقاء مطلقا مع العديد من لعبة وسائط!
* بينما ممتعة وسهلة للتعلم، انها صعبة والإدمان للغاية
* تنافس مع أصدقائك لمعرفة من الذي يمكن الحصول على أفضل نتيجة وتوفير المزيد من الجزر
* تلعب لعبة على أجهزة متعددة ببساطة عن طريق المزامنة وإنقاذ تقدمك

يرجى الملاحظة! السماء السحر مجانية للعب، وعلى الرغم من بعض العناصر في اللعبة كما يمكن شراؤها من أجل المال الحقيقي.

إذا كنت من محبي سكاي السحر؟ مثلنا في الفيسبوك لمعرفة المزيد عن اللعبة: تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Sky Charms

  • vincesim2k9

    vincesim2k9 Complex and addictive! This is one of my favorite games and one of the few I play almost daily. It starts out easy but gets challenging pretty quickly. It's a lot like chess the way you have to contemplate moves and many times you have a specific number of moves to so it in. Think ahead or you won't get ahead! Flawless

  • themediaflow

    themediaflow Great game Cute graphics and very fun...ive download other playrixs games so i suffle thru them when i lose lives, in each game i go play the others while i wait for them to i love these games Muito bom!

  • ovpfyczaazji

    ovpfyczaazji I liked it I'm about to uninstall cause I'm on level 27 and it's like impossible for me to get off it's pissing me off not enough moves Perfect!

  • queenandcountry

    queenandcountry Very nice game you can relax its very different and challenges great job very very well put together I love it thanks guys Brilliant

  • cgvwzpdkekf

    cgvwzpdkekf Enjoy It Its fun. Creative and has me waiting for more credits as soon as I am out. Wish it was easier to get gold bars thou. Fantastic

  • Magofaula

    Magofaula cute I love it I love this game its good :) hope I don't find any problems still in the beginning of levels so ... love it

  • ewlgefaq

    ewlgefaq Would give 5 but..... Loses track of long lines of more than 5. Stops after 4 or 5! Will very seek seldom do a line longer! Can though d be fixed? Don't have this problem on similar games! Pretty good

  • Dealer

    Dealer Really enjoy this game but I was on level 22 lost progress & was taken back to level 7 with no way to report issue. Highly Recommend.

  • dkramerage

    dkramerage So-So... Good game at first but it doesn't take very long until you have to buy moves in order to win a level. It gets frustrating pretty quickly. Game is fun to a point. Then it's so-so. Awesome

  • csblogisticsseo

    csblogisticsseo good game but meet a bug So far I've been playing happily with the game. But tonight when I try to spend 9 gold bar to unlock the next chapter, it seemed fail to connect to your server, so I tap retry(cannot remember if it was written retry as that was the first time I have that coming out, but it did reconnect anyway), then the chapter was unlocked and I found that I spent the gold bars twice!!! I had 20 plus before and now I only have 5 left!! Would you plz check and see if you could fix? Thx verrrrrrrrrry much! Fabulous!

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