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الإصدار: 1.5.1
حجم: 18.19 MB


اللعب ضد أشخاص آخرين عبر الإنترنت! هل يمكن أن تصبح أطول انزلق؟

إذا رأسك يلمس لاعب آخر، وسوف تنفجر وبعد ذلك أكثر من لعبة. ولكن إذا تشغيل الآخرين إلى YOU، ثم أنها سوف تنفجر، ويمكنك أن تأكل رفاتهم!

في، لديك فرصة للفوز حتى لو كنت صغيرة. يمكنك الانحراف أمام لاعب أكبر من ذلك بكثير لإلحاق الهزيمة بهم، مهما كانت كبيرة أنت!

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تعليقات حول‏

  • coachoutlet3lca

    coachoutlet3lca I love the game but it's kinda buggy with the on screen buttons. (for example)when I enter the game with the on screen buttons, and remove them while I'm in the game, the whole screen goes blank for a moment then I can play but the place of the on screen buttons is occupied by a black bar. Please check this problem on your phones that have on screen buttons and try to fix it. And also, the game should have a pause button and new skins (1⃣ Awesome

  • zavier87

    zavier87 Love but hate it! I love the game .... but all of a sudden my lag is so bad I can't even play Idk if there was an update or a bug I have a Samsung edge and great wifi please help !!! I have to delete it what happened !!!! Please fix I'm dying without it love it

  • yantram12

    yantram12 Great.......but It's a fun, addictive game but the ads after every time I die is really annoying and would be better if you decrease some ads. Another huge disappointment is on the WiFi server there is a lot of lag and it is in bad quality. If you fix these problems I would definitely give a 5 start rating Worth a go!

  • JustinSteel23

    JustinSteel23 It pauses alot, and when it unpauses, it goes ahead really fast and makes me lose. Half of the time I lose, that's why. FIX IT PLEASE. I could have been in first place a lot if it wasn't for that. Quit adding skins when you update it. FIX THE LAG! I'll give you five stars. Works perfectly

  • Kehk0407

    Kehk0407 Love this One of my most favourite games hehe! Try it and you'll know why:D I don't understand why many people say there's a lag?!??? I don't experience one?!? So I feel everyone really should download this. There is only one ad after u die.. not 2 or3. I think this is reasonable. Of course the creator needs to make some money too. I understand. Great game overall:D wow lol

  • sitecontent4u

    sitecontent4u Cool, but, Can u remove the stupid ads, plus can u add all the skins? Works perfectly

  • rickcase

    rickcase It is extremely fun. The only thing bad about it is the awful lag! FIX THE LAG AND GET RID OF THE PEOPLE WHO CHEAT! How can someone be over 9 million? There is no way someone can stay awake for 7 days straight to play. FEALTY GAMING FAN CHEATS! People like THAT cause the lag! Just wow

  • paulandrewmichaels

    paulandrewmichaels It really fun except the LAGGGG!!! Everybody is complaining about the lag including me. Fix the lag and me and tons of others will rate five ⭐s. Lag spikes up so much I can't play online. I can only play against ai. Fix soon or I am deleting the game! Pretty good

  • soniatcn

    soniatcn Sweet game but... The only problem with this game is that it usually lags a lot.but don't get me wrong but it the best game ever also you should make a pause button so every time you have to do some thing you can save your self from having to die every time, 5 star

  • travertinegroup

    travertinegroup Gameplay has deteriorated It was working fine until just recently. Now it's very glitchy and just irritating to try and play. It's not a wifi connection problem for me, or a device problem. The issues I experience are specific to this app. Fantastic

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