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الإصدار: 1.7.6
حجم: 19 MB


الارتقاء إلى مستوى التحدي والمعركة في طريقك إلى العظمة!

تأخذ على دور كمدرب، وإعداد للقتال، وتؤدي الأبطال بك إلى النصر ضد أصدقائك.

Kiloo يعرض مغامرة ممر العمل لا مثيل لها. تشكيل فريق، والتحدي خصومك ويصبح أعظم مدرب سحق الأبطال!

★ أصدقاء التحدي و المنبوذين في بدورها القائم على اللعب على الانترنت
★ TRAIN الأبطال بك للقتال مع البرق عمل انتقاد سريع
★ RISE من خلال الرتب ليصبح المدرب الأسطوري
★ الأنلوك الأبطال وتخصيص لهم العتاد قوية
★ DISCOVER انتصار في علوم السينما قتالية مذهلة

* ملاحظة: مطلوب اتصال شبكة للعب. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
بحث متقدمنصائح البحث إرسال تعليقات

ميزة: رسومات كبيرة ضوابط جيدة العديد من الشخصيات اللعب مع أصدقائك واللعب دينامية


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تعليقات حول Smash Champs‏

  • namratabeauty

    namratabeauty Amazing It is a great game! Pros: Good graphics, original idea, entertaining, anyone can play Cons: Not very hard. I suggest starting with a ground type. You could add balls to swipe during the battle that give powerups or something similar, more gear, and more guys. Brilliant

  • Sengenics

    Sengenics Game keeps telling me something went wrong After I finish training I am told something went wrong. My internet connection is fine, so I don't know what is going on. This is a super fun game though. If this can get fixed, I will change my rating to 5 stars. Works perfectly

  • Absorivadsbor

    Absorivadsbor Best game ever This is my favorite game to me it is addicting its a little like fruit ninja but u fight wuth animals (ps. Get the polar bear) Just wow

  • BumHilmNulk

    BumHilmNulk Kmart hours yes and I did not say it, people like phone is acting up today I did not say that people don't believe what this phone and save them but I had but this is the best game ever give it 5 stars and I couldn't leave it Psy daddy would like to get my back pay this so many times nothing being said PS Good

  • Lfahy05

    Lfahy05 This app is great but.... This app crashes on me every time I try to play it. In your future updates can you fix this? Worth it!

  • chrisbar

    chrisbar Very cool but.. It's a really fluid game, I have no lag or troubles with it, I use Ember the Fox. But, I think you should add more female characters, all the rest are male, and add more elements like water and ice. Also add more skins and prizes. But, overall its a really fun game! I suggest others should try it! I'll suggest it to my friends. Must have

  • gnvtps010

    gnvtps010 A couple things It cool but need more charters like a turtle, cow, rhino pig, a bird, fish, bees I am pretty sure it will make the game lots of fun and another thing is that they should have special moves Brilliant

  • titiotiadvado

    titiotiadvado I didn't liked it because I was playing the app and it was not giving me coins and please don't give level 6 characters neither we are on level 3 so please fix it love it

  • lafolle57583794

    lafolle57583794 Pretty ok Cool game so far. Hate that i have to log into Facebook every time i open the game. Graphics are getting boring and needs new fight moves. Marvelous

  • cawedunda

    cawedunda Better-Than-Fruit-Ninja-Clone I love it, I want to support the game but I don't want to fast forward through earning rewards. Hey developers, think you can make some premium skins for sale? I'd gladly purchase one of each to support the game! Works great

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