Snapseed for Android

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  • Oriccarie

    Oriccarie It's just superb with one minor flaw Everything is perfect -- easy, fluid and handy. Kudos here. But one minor flaw and for which it looses one star is the font size of the text. It's too big and affects the aesthetics of the photo. Developers, please give us the option to reduce it according to our choice. love it

  • homegardendesign

    homegardendesign Almost perfect! (Now perfect) I love this app. As a professional photographer, I am used to a certain amount of control over my editing process, and this app gives me just that! Would be perfect and 5 stars if I could add text (watermark or captions) to the images. EDIT: The text feature had finally been added and I cannot stop raving about this app to people now! wow lol

  • maineassociates

    maineassociates Love the app but... It says you can edit RAW/DNG photos.. unable to select any from the explorer or of usb device. Only way round this is to upload to Google drive then get snapseed to select from there. Unless uploading 20mb of photo to redownload it straight away for edit. Works a treat doing a RAW edit but its a long way fit a short cut. Come on Google you make the app and the OS. Fix please. Marvelous

  • shoesstores

    shoesstores Only editing app I use I LOVE that it now edits RAW photos - this brought the app over the top! Once you get the hang of how to swipe for adjustments, you will delete all other editing apps on your phone! *HOWEVER, recent update leads to lags when I try to save* :( Surprisingly

  • Godwill

    Godwill Best photo app! It's so easy to use and the results are stunning! Thank you for adding the watermark function, it's pretty great already but one little complaint is that I can't reduce the size of the text/watermark enough yet, the smallest possible size is still a bit too big for my taste! Just a little tiny thing that could maybe be improved even further on the next update! ;) but thanks already for adding this great function! (Edit 12.8.16) Muito bom!

  • TexfanV

    TexfanV Mixes up my photos If I edit a large group of photos in bulk. The photos' times sometimes change so all my photos are mixed up. It usually changes the time to the morning. The app itself would get five stars if it wasn't for this issue. Worth a go!

  • Steytrox

    Steytrox Good intermediate editing app Good for basic to intermediate edits. However, it very rarely has an issue saving the file requiring me to start over from scratch. Using some of the tools and moving around while zoomed into the image can be very clunky at times. Would be nice if more advanced features were added (like RAW support, NR, etc.) so I could ditch the buggy and laggy Lightroom app Go well

  • jay_desai

    jay_desai New text styles rock! I loved your app as an editor and used another app for adding text over images but now that you've added that function as well (and to be honest, it's the best out there in terms of user friendliness and styling options), I've uninstalled the other app and I'll be sticking with Snapseed from now on. Thank you for the hard work! Fantastic

  • nikihu

    nikihu Best This is by far the best Photoshop app I've ever found. The only problem I have is I wish I could selectively develop (raw) areas of a photo. I also wish I could do it in different shapes too Not bad

  • wildkat0303

    wildkat0303 Great up but lacks effects Great app for enhancing pictures, really easy to use and quite powerful. It hasn't really updated or added any features in a really long time, wonder if the app has been abandoned. love it

  • MansourKarimzadeh

    MansourKarimzadeh I use this app for all my picture edits on my phone. Does a great job. The one thing I consistently wish it had is RGB specific color adjustments. Does everything else I could want in a photo app. Fabulous!

  • RobertIU

    RobertIU Impressive editing features unique of it's own! With all that I love and despise about Google, they do get a thumbs up for this one! Brilliant

  • wmha05

    wmha05 Useful, easy.. My goto editor The latest filter "Text" is a welcome addition with some decent badges.. One request: Drop Shadow Good


    BAXHEIMBIGMA Really awesome. Just one request, I'd really like to save projects with layers intact within the app so that I can go back and make adjustments. Having a 'choose project' that gives a list of photos I'm currently working on, right next to 'choose photo' would be superb! Marvelous

  • Alphamale

    Alphamale Perfect I recently downloaded another app so I could add text overlays...2 days later noticed snapseed has included it. Up until now that was my only negative... I go straight from my DSLR into my phone ...edit with snapseed whilst on the go and upload pics to my social media. Flawless

  • templatezone

    templatezone The Best Hands down the best editing app I have ever used. Brought back the features that my LG G3 editor had (which were lost after the Google+ update). Zero Advertisements. Pure editing. Thankyou Snapseed developers. Enjoy it!

  • epipla

    epipla The best photo editing app ever! The app is so easy to use that I've started using it instead of desktop based softwares like photoshop. It's so powerful yet easy to use. The one stop shop for all your editing needs. Flawless

  • deepikapathak1

    deepikapathak1 Slider precision It's almost half a year when you f***ed up slider, and it's still sluggish. Are you guys actually using your app??? Great!

  • anawvpn

    anawvpn # 1 photo editing app Started using this q3 last yr and i love it so much. This is my go to editor. I like that i have the option to freely edit photos and not just depend on filters. Highly Recommend.

  • capeteritan

    capeteritan Back to its best Whereas one of the old updates ruined the app completely the new version is back to being excellent again. Reinstated as my favourite photo editing app Pretty good