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  • nouveausmile

    nouveausmile Sooo happy with the new text feature! Must have

  • fitdef

    fitdef Was working fine But now it crashes since recent update when I attempt to open images from gallery. Surprisingly

  • CaregivingCollege

    CaregivingCollege Worth 5stars as it's the ONLY app that doesn't downsize the image! Will rate 5 stars if can add more features like clarity, vibrance, input text, like what light room have it! Worth a go!

  • Paul1221

    Paul1221 New update: Texty Text It's awesome to add some txt in your photograph, but needs some improvements because it have some issue, that texty text render its bad. It's not sharp, like blurry-low resolution around the text, meanwhile the resolution of the pic is around 2k. Fabulous!

  • seospiderindia

    seospiderindia Awesome Better than photoshop I request google that you are in all the sectors Internet, Apps and all if you were not there i think nobody can live easily but you are not in photography section this is best app please make the best ever app to edit 5 star

  • qmjjpnuofig

    qmjjpnuofig Add Import Photo Feature This apps is so easy to use and have a great interface. But I hope it can add a feature to add a photo. Ill give my 5! Surprisingly

  • frednovella

    frednovella Please adjust lens blur This app is perfect for editing. But please fix lens blur options. I remember that once there were the option for resize the circle or the lines, rotate them etc… now I can do it but badly because I have to pinch and most of the time the circle became an ellipse. Recommend

  • awnggdslvtn

    awnggdslvtn Text overlay The app doesn't save pics with text overlay. You might wanna take a look at that. Thanks Worth it!

  • zdysuuxpgn

    zdysuuxpgn Simple but powerful A great photography app... doesn't have too many tools to offer but what it does, it does the best out there!! Besides it has some of it's own unique nifty features!! Love it, Keep it up Perfect

  • ybfsdrgc

    ybfsdrgc Add features This is the best editing app ever..! Powerful and professional way to polish ur photos.. Please add feature on Brush tools that allow to blur the background..that will be a 5 stars for me! Good job. Muito bom!

  • nanaps57

    nanaps57 Versatile and Powerful It's great to have an editing software that is capable of doing almost evrything that other apps can do all in one amazing app. With the recent additiin of text I can ditch all the other app already! Guys, just a suggestion. Since you have already adding texts, why not add a layer for objects, like shapes, doodles, etc. That will make this app the best! Thanks! This changes everything for me. Marvelous

  • debjani

    debjani Can't edit Sony raw(arw) and Nikon raw(nef) format Dear Team, I love this app. But it can't recognized Sony raw(arw) file formats. If you guys are serious about raw image editing then extend the file support range. Hope you will consider my humble request. Till then 3 star. Fantastic

  • Lukagwa

    Lukagwa Great app My go-to phone camera editor. Love the new text add feature although the ability to save a text would be useful to save typing the same thing each time like water marking. Excellent editor though! Superb!

  • chandrashekharmv

    chandrashekharmv Great and can be greater You app is so great but it need some basics options like Drawing, importing images and for text i suggest if we can add more not included fonts and lateral rotation (x, z, y angles) Perfect!

  • pragati1204

    pragati1204 New Text feature & great implementation keeps it at the top. Snapseed had always been one of the best photo editors. Adding the much desired Text feature with a great implementation keeps it at the top. Should integrate this editor with Google Photos so that we can better edit photos in GDrive. Great!

  • jaywigz311

    jaywigz311 Delight to use ! Performs flawlessly on Droid Ultra. Easy to learn and to use... Thus far, each and every update has been a pleasant surprise. Adding TEXT and Font/Styles was a really nice feature. Thanks Omg

  • michaelflavin

    michaelflavin This is the best photo editing app I have yet to come across Super easy to use and it has a lot of options. My pictures always turn out great when I use snapseed! Flawless

  • ivanderborght

    ivanderborght Pretty good. Fairly easy to use. Healing tool is pretty bad. Never found a way to resize text. Would be nice to be able to change layers, IE... put a filter under text later rather than deleting text and replacing it above. This app really should be implemented as 'advanced editing' in Google Photos. 5 star

  • nicholasflemingwc

    nicholasflemingwc Love the latest update! I used to use a different app to add text, but now I'm hoping to shift wholly to Snapseed. Well done!!

  • MoniQJmux

    MoniQJmux Awesome, but need more feature Very efficient in editing, but there features arent there, like WATERMARKS for the copyright of the photo..please add this feature and this app will rock the photo editing.. very nice app you heard what i am looking for new featured of having text or may be a copyright text featured, nice one google. I 've got one more thing featured in photo editing i just like to have fish eye lens effect Go well