Snapseed for Android

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  • OpenHouseGroup

    OpenHouseGroup Love it, but some issues present. The preview of the picture in the app before it is saved is slightly different from the actual saved picture! The shadows/highlights adjustment algorithm is pretty bad, since artefacts become present at 20+ % adjustment. It would be great if there was a sharpening radius feature. There is some pretty visible posterizing when using the selective tool too. Otherwise great free edithor with very nice ui! Just wow

  • flomepmoomep

    flomepmoomep One of the Best.. EDITED: Thanks a Ton Google for Considering the Feedback of adding the Text Feature. Really Appreciate it, was wondering will You People find time to read it amongst Thousands of Requests.. Makes this App Quite Complete Now. Thanks Again Cool

  • DennyCode

    DennyCode one problem my photos won't load when i click the open photo thing. please fix ASAP i've been using this for around 3 years now. and also it would be nice if we can use our native photo browser. Surprisingly

  • bestcasinos

    bestcasinos Best ever Being a photography enthusiast, I've tried several smart phone apps with different degrees of success and disappointment. But I can honestly say that Snapseed is the best of all that I have tried. love it

  • CorettaBranaugh71

    CorettaBranaugh71 Simple yet powerful!!! Simple interface with powerful editing capabilities. I love it... Only missing item is watermarking... thanks for introducing the text filter but re-sizing is not friendly Omg

  • videobuilders

    videobuilders With Text, Snapseed is now perfect! This is my favorite photo editor for Android. The addition of text makes this the only photo app I need. Muito bom!

  • fcornelius

    fcornelius Love it - integrate into Photos?! Great photo editing app! Lots of features, but still easy to use for quick and awesome touch-ups. How about replacing the existing Photos editing engine with this?! ☺️ It's easy enough to choose "Edit in" to get a photo into Snapseed, but why not just cut out the middle step?! ☺️ Works great

  • CitinvizeCisy

    CitinvizeCisy A big warm Thank you from India! Probably the only feature awaited by millions without down scaling the resolution was the TEXTS! It's now complete stable rock solid and the best App for editing Flawless

  • GreenPlanetSolution

    GreenPlanetSolution Best app to edit photos Simple, yet cool features. The filters still seem realistic compared to the ones offered in other apps. Everyone should use this! Perfect

  • StevL4Zb

    StevL4Zb Amazing! Best image editor, Thanks for adding Text filter to add text in exciting styles, Please add free hand (brush) option in lens blur. Perfect!

  • sushmanjali

    sushmanjali Efficient Editing All the surprisingly efficient editing options are presented in a clean and intelligent UI. Best Photo Editing Application our there. Great job

  • Urbanities

    Urbanities Top 3 One of the best editing apps available.... That said, it's not the best. PLEASE LET US EXPORT TO FULL RESOLUTION OF THE ORIGINAL FILE. If not full res, close to. We can't afford Mac desktop folks, that's why we're editing with apps.. Lightroom let's you get close to, if not, full resolution. I like the ease of use with snapseed though. Rant complete Must have

  • saifal

    saifal Most used photo editor Of several photo editors I always install, this is the one I use the most. The new text feature is nice, but inability to rotate the text makes it nearly useless. :-( looking fwd to the update that enables that! Great!

  • nesteraytix

    nesteraytix A Great app Love the new features to add text. Would be better if it has more flexibility like resizing and rotating the text (photogrid really shine in this feature) Recommend

  • ginostackhouse01

    ginostackhouse01 This update i give 4 I love that u add text feature in it. But i suggest u to add "blur" in the brush, so we can blur the pict with the brush. I think that will be great idea. Muito bom!

  • RuBeighton

    RuBeighton New Text Feature I am using this app as my best and only one on my phone. It contains all the filters and option one needs for his pics to look great. I loved the text feature, with the many beautiful styles. I think adding some other fonts for other languages such as Arabic would be nice and cool! I always know that you will develop and make this app much better and better, and I always look forward to try the new features you add to this app. Thanks for this great app! Omg

  • Unammotamoumn

    Unammotamoumn Perfect Photo Editor. All in One App So far you are added TEXT editor in your app. I was given Feedback for TEXT Editing option in Two month ago. And you are take look on this and Added this option. So Sound Good for Me I highly Recommend to All. (Thanks) Flawless

  • stevefransco2012

    stevefransco2012 Amazing image editor! I have used tons of image editors bur this one is special. Super easy to use but the results are up there in Photo Shop land. Just great! Worth a go!

  • pevans

    pevans A Request To Our Favorite App i know its the best photo editing app available in market...but please add the border outside the photo, not inside...its covering the photo...thanks love it

  • SweendBef

    SweendBef My favorite editing app So many options and they are quick and easy to use! And now with the option to add text, that will be very nice. Highly Recommend.