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انها الدقيقة الاخيرة من المباراة وخصمك لديه الكرة ... لكنه خسر ذلك! ما فرصة ليسجل هدف الفوز ... كنت تأخذ الهدف، واطلاق النار ... GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!

مع هذه اللعبة بسيطة والفيزياء كبير، نجوم كرة القدم من السهل لالتقاط ومتعة للعب! في أسلوب تنافسي حقيقي، والتحدي خصومك في جميع أنحاء العالم على الانترنت لمباريات كرة الطاولة!

المنافسة في مستويات مختلفة، من مختلف البلدان! لعب على الانترنت ضد الناس من جميع أنحاء العالم أو ضد أصدقائك! تسجيل الدخول باسم حسابك الفيسبوك والتحدي أصدقائك لتبين لهم ما يعنيه أن تكون كرة القدم الأسطورة واتخاذ كوب المنزل! أوه، ويمكنك أيضا أن تلعب حاليا ضد صديق في نفس الجهاز!
يمكنك أيضا تخصيص الخاص بك لكرة القدم نجوم الخبرة من خلال جمع فرق مختلفة! اظهار طريقتك والدفاع عن ألوان الوطن الخاص بك!

ماذا تنتظر؟ الجميع يلعب بالفعل نجوم كرة القدم! لا تفوت على هذه الفرصة لديك طن من المرح!

السمات الرئيسية:

- الانترنت وغير متصل عبة متعددة
- اللعب بسيطة وممتعة
- فيزياء الكرة مذهلة
- البطولات على الإنترنت ضد لاعبين من جميع أنحاء العالم
- تلعب ضد أصدقائك
- جمع الفرق وأكواب مختلفة تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
نجوم كرة القدم لعبة, نجوم كرة القدم هاك, لعبة نجوم كرة القدم مهكره, نجوم كرة القدم تحميل ترجمة فيلم, لعبة نجوم كرة القدم للكمبيوتر, نجوم كرة القدم تهكير, نجوم كرة القدم 2, نجوم كرة القدم apk

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تعليقات حول Soccer Stars‏

  • Santebelladonna

    Santebelladonna Lost money I would rate it 5 stars as it's a really good game that has me gripped but unfortunately I've paid money for certain things on the game that have now gone.. I bought the Barcelona home kit a couple of weeks ago and it's now gone.. shame!! Enjoy it!

  • MickWilson

    MickWilson Good game The game has very good physics and the gameplay is fun. I like it more now that the mexico and beach arena maps are added, because the 3 min time limit gets rid of all those who just shoot the ball in the corner and wait. The curved corners of the beach arena are also really cool. I would rate 5 stars, if the waiting in tournaments could be made easier to handle. My suggestion is, that a "spectate match" button should be added on top of the ongoing matches of the tournament. Good

  • abrameragma

    abrameragma Great game. They need to add Chat Packs like 8 Ball Pool has. Or at the very least an LOL option. Also, the ad that pops up right after some games needs to go away. It's so slow to respond and alot of times where my opponent wants a rematch, they've already left by the time I was able to accept. Recommend

  • yseoonekenobf

    yseoonekenobf I love this game But you have a problem on the 1000 game if time is up and i am wining 3-2 and time is up i sued be the winer but instead ot keep saying its tie and next goal win which is unfair Worth it!

  • Jacque923

    Jacque923 It's ok I mean it may not be the best game, but it passes time. Although miniclip is trying to milk you for every last pence it is still a fun game to play at night when your bored. 3 stars because of the pay to win problem Pretty good

  • higgsmediarecords

    higgsmediarecords Great game but 1 thing wrong It's the chat thing avalible think you should be able to chat bout anything put anything you want like afew games I know so you can talk a conversation to friends please sort it out would be class Works perfectly

  • bluesky

    bluesky Does any of you know any other strategy other than corner, own goal. Making the game lame The only reason i can't make 5 stars is because of the way people play the game sometimes. Needs a way that keeps people moving forward or contacting the ball. Pretty good

  • warwithwar

    warwithwar So far so good I just started playing... so far it's it's alittle confusing as to set up plays. Just hit away and hope for the best. I will update later. Fyi... things are expensive to buy! Flawless

  • idocareactually

    idocareactually Math Fail? Or just taxes? Am I missing something? When it says that I get 50 coins, it actually only gives me 45 coins. I earned those 5 more coins. Does miniclip know how to do math? Recommend

  • mascroft

    mascroft *to many adds* I would give it 5 stars but there are way to many ads in it. Fix it and I'll give it 5. And also sometimes if you win, you don't get the right amount of money. E.g. once I had 100 coins and paid 100, then I won and I SHOULD have ended up with 200 coins but instead I only had 180, please fix Fabulous!

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