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  • randriola

    randriola Stabality This works very stable on my iphone 5s, but on my asus zenfone max running on snapdragon 410 chipset its laggy and not having a smooth experiance while scrolling down. Please fix this issue make it more stable for cheaper android smartphones. Thanks. Works perfectly

  • buckhenry

    buckhenry Good when it works Does a great job of picking up songs, even in a crowded room. My biggest problem is how long it takes to load up sometimes, and this issue is consistent across all my devices. The ID Now widget is hit or miss, sometimes the song finishes before I can get the app up and running. Flawless

  • Jeane_niff

    Jeane_niff Used to be great! It seems now it misses more then gets it. It can't identify songs at times no matter how clear or loud, songs I know I've heard before that are legit and not just jingles or copyrighted, abbreviated songs. Have no idea what has changed but not happy abour it Amazing!

  • garemugf90

    garemugf90 Amazing This is by faaaaar the best music finding app ever. I had a not so well known song stuck in my head and Soundhound got it from like one line.....highly recommended :) Must have

  • xfddqne

    xfddqne Finally a way of finding out who sang songs you have always loved Instead of trying to find out from a hapless waiter or batista what you have been listening to and getting a blank look, you can put yourself out of misery and frustration in an instant! Go well

  • osrjgk

    osrjgk Want to love it but it's so full of bloatware and drains battery that I just don't. A lite version would be cool, just to do the thing it was originally designed for, to find song titles! I really don't need all the extra bloat. Worth it!

  • Lhendon

    Lhendon Used to be good I liked this app so much better before the last few updates. Ever since then, it is really slow to open and takes a lot longer to recognize songs. The auto search feature when starting is ok, but it takes too long to start to be of any use. Works great

  • chefmarkgarcia

    chefmarkgarcia Music Masters in All Levels Of Their Field They are SUPERIOR in their field now and I have high hopes that with the right research & development teams and investment they will stay on top for many years to come! GOOD JOB EVERYBODY AT SOUNDHOUND! I AM VERY IMPRESSED AND PROUD! Amazing!

  • bazsxkdb

    bazsxkdb Excellent Have used and loved using this app for years! Shame it doesn't come pre-installed on HTC devices anymore Perfect!

  • michellemaskaly

    michellemaskaly Does What I Want, Fast I hit the button, it opens quickly. Hit the big S and it listens, tells me the song title, artist, lyrics. Exactly what I want, as fast as my connection allows. Enjoy it!

  • dolvfwb

    dolvfwb Good for background music Works well when watching a movie will find the track even with a lot of dialogue and sounds intermingled but failed to find a tune played clearly by "cigarettes after secs" which I thought would be popular enough Amazing!

  • meppovic

    meppovic App is getting slower and slower Last few updates made the app slower and very laggy when starting the app or starting a search. No my phone is not slow. Would love to buy the app if ads get removed and private data stays private. love it

  • bariki

    bariki What is that song? This app saves me so much grief when my husband and I hear a song and cannot think of the title. Sound hound gives you all the info you need instantly. Great!

  • jncghfczjss

    jncghfczjss "ID Now" feature is great! Big fan of this app. Has a great feature in ID Now - automatically starts to identify the song after just touching app, making it easy to unobtrusively ID a song when you're busy with other things (conversations, studying, etc). I think there's a hands-off mode too, but haven't used it myself. The app stores all your recent search entries in a library, for easy viewing later. Also will store snippets of song to ID later on, if you don't have access to the internet at that exact moment. Pretty great app! Go well

  • Gadlyassews

    Gadlyassews Hounds Down, The Best 99.9% of the time, this ole hound sniffs out the correct song & artist. Only a couple times it went down the wrong trail. The people on my tour bus love it when I play the oldies.... Marvelous

  • avedia

    avedia Rock solid app. Haven't experienced any "bugs" in 5+ years of use. Huge data base, the only thing I've ever experienced that MIGHT be considered a drawback is that I was trying to find out who performed a TV theme song and it couldn't be found. I had to Google the show and work backwards. Not a problem, extremely unique usage. Recommend

  • successdestinys

    successdestinys Great simple quick Heard a new song when driving down the road and click on the app and then their "S" icon and boom, it tells me what the song name is and band who does it and sources from where to get it. Works perfectly

  • koreaecn

    koreaecn App animation is too slow. The app itself works but the display is too slow, as if the app is lagging too much, I press the icon to listen to the music I'm looking for and it takes too much time for the animation to finish what it's doing, most of the time it finds the song way before the animation finishes, and then a few seconds later it makes another animation to show you what song it is. Fabulous!

  • Hoamemate

    Hoamemate Great app Mostly if not all the time gets song for me and for all the people saying it has to many notifications u can easily turn them off Works great

  • lizzezita_kiz

    lizzezita_kiz Spotify auto playlist I love sound cloud. It wins over shazam due to the co-op with spotify. That won me over. The app does crash sometimes however. wow lol