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  • filboliogue

    filboliogue Cool Underdog pun intended Am deleting shazam right now because you guys found "lets groove" for me and shazam didnt keep it up nice one Cool

  • tswavlc

    tswavlc Poplar music only Searches popular music only couldn't find anything classical or most alternative stuff. Disappointed. Works great

  • cliffordhood11

    cliffordhood11 Sound hound Use to be fantastic the old version, but now it takes way to long to get started and a bit skitzy once in app. Still love it, just gets annoying and frustrating. Go well

  • Horgojuri

    Horgojuri Precisely Accurate It can even identify a complicated instrumental jazz piece. Blows my mind every time I use it. Top notch app absolutely recommend it to everyone. Works perfectly

  • ameliabest

    ameliabest Amazinga I have turned all my friends on to this app. I've found so much music & new artists. I'm a singer songwriter kinda girl & love that genre. Soundhound makes it so easy to find! Surprisingly

  • spumjdvjl

    spumjdvjl Excellent! It recognizes all different versions of a song. Almost never fails to know a song. I say "almost" because nothing is perfect, but it's pretty damn close. Enjoy it!

  • sachidanandgurumaa

    sachidanandgurumaa Great app small issues Love the app, click to song ID is fantastic however sometimes I'll redo a search 3 times and still have a song wrongly ID'd and lately the app has been opening two windows instead of one. Pretty good

  • EndotoRut

    EndotoRut SoundHound I love how it finds the songs that are new and old. Plus it keeps them so I can add them to my play list Surprisingly

  • dansmith20000

    dansmith20000 A Musician & DJ Must have tool I use it all the time to discover new music that I hear and like so I can consider adding it to my DJ library. Music is not just my job, it's an adventure. Thanks Soundhound Surprisingly

  • Tulula

    Tulula Liked the earlier version Love the app, but I did prefer an earlier version where the lyrics come up and scroll in real time. Doesn't work on the latest update That was my favorite feature. Go well

  • arayscruggs

    arayscruggs Perfect Does what it says...even has lyrics or where to find cool is that...for MOST songs...some songs ain't nobody ever heard but singer/ songwriter lol. Great app....I luv luv it!! And its free y'all :) Just try it!! what other stupid crap u wanta download before u realize I'm right... just try it...its FN free. Thanx guys I do love it and hope others decide the do to...good luck Surprisingly

  • oraclereading

    oraclereading This by far better than shazam in every way since you can Hum the song aswell if your trying to find a song Worth it!

  • zqgakxge

    zqgakxge Great App! Thanks to this app, I can find out song titles, band name and which album the song is available on. I love it! Amazing!

  • makaisco

    makaisco Need to Update the app Need to play the music at the same time while I am looking at something else but it a good app Works perfectly

  • cnphonenaoemj

    cnphonenaoemj What's that tune? Best app to answer that question. Great links to Touch Tunes, etc. Favorites are a neat feature. Marvelous

  • kimsellsavon

    kimsellsavon Love this app! I use this app frequently not only to find out artists of songs but also to check out lyrics & to add so gs to Spotify easily! Fantastic

  • floridabras

    floridabras So cool This app is so cool so much better than shazam you can hum sonhs in shazam you cant Great!

  • justin4metal

    justin4metal Great app I've used SoundHound for what seems like forever--it's an easy to use, handy music application. Perfect!

  • Leatianda

    Leatianda Excellent App This app never gives me any trouble!! It's great how it also gives the lyrics live feature.. now they've added hands free. . Can't wait to try it out Thnx love it

  • Charles_Glenn89

    Charles_Glenn89 49 years old male Perfect for getting the song title/artists on the top of your tounge that's going to drive u crazy all day..."what was that song" Works perfectly