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  • finnchiro

    finnchiro Useful App recognizes most songs but could definitely use a larger database of less popular music

  • anandd

    anandd Great App! Tap the Soundhound logo and hold it to the music playing and it will tell you name of song and artist

  • boycee1

    boycee1 #listening-to-music SOUNDHOUND What Happened?! I used to love this app but lately I can't get it to find a single song.Trying to contact dev before i give a bad thing. It's only fair to them.

  • haheinzl

    haheinzl #music-recognition Awesome! Excellent app. Realy fast results even from a crapy recorded audio sample. Amazing!

  • carolbarufi

    carolbarufi Where's Spotify?! Now it shows only Rdio as an option, to which I am not a subscriber. It used to be Spotify. Give us the option--that's what makes Android good. Why the change?

  • ge083393

    ge083393 Htc evo lte shortcut fix! DL this app b4 on my old gen 1 Evo and loved it, so when I upgraded to Evo LTE I could not get it to shortcut or widget unless I open play store. Fix is to uninstall and using your browser goto website version and.DL from there. When it installs it will show up as ID now under shortcuts. Works fine till they can't fix the bug. Leo-Z. Recommend to get SoundHound APK.