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  • oaksystems

    oaksystems It used to be great. Don't get me wrong; the service provided by the app is great. It's really made life much more convenient isn't. The app itself is terribly made. I run a Sony Xperia Z1, which is a fairly powerful model. And yet, the app takes ages to load, crashes often at startup, and might take up to 15 seconds to start recording after pressing the soundhound button. This means I have missed many songs because the app itself gets in the way. I won't be stopping it's use any time soon, but it's getting frustrating. Surprisingly

  • pranksrs

    pranksrs Simplistic UI decent recognitions I've come across some songs that this app is not able to identify while others like shazam do. I still prefer sound hound due to it's UI. Love the recommendations part. Highly Recommend.

  • szdzqc88

    szdzqc88 Great app... Has solved many a debate over lyrics, and helped me to identify new songs and artists. Worth a go!

  • hiramjohns25

    hiramjohns25 Shazam is simply better. Avid user for years now. Installed back when it didn't have a hundred thousand downloads. Loved the app but a few months ago I installed Shazam just to see how the two compare and I still used SoundHound first but whenever it failed I would instantly turn to Shazam and it became clearer and clearer that Shazam is quicker to find the song. Unquestionably so if you ask me and it also has a larger collection of songs in its database. Disappointed to part with a tool I've loved for years but it's inferior. Cool

  • scorpionsexybaby21

    scorpionsexybaby21 When all else failed Before I used shazam and came across a song which I no idea even remotely what it was and it couldn't get it sound hound on the other hand got it instantly and upon discovery the song had under 3000 views on youtube this app truly left me amazed Worth a go!

  • bobatty799

    bobatty799 Answers questions and settles wagers Had this app for a few years now. Hasn't failed me yet. Have purposely played some pretty obscure stuff to see if I could find something it couldn't identify. Still trying. Surprisingly

  • sunilkumar

    sunilkumar Stunning to use! I'm exploring a new genure of music and going to a lot of clubs at the moment. HA lot of the time, songs are playing that I don't know. IWith this app, I get to quickly find out what the song is playing without having to ask, perfect for a social recluise like me who just wants to broaden his music horzions. Good

  • rahulchopra

    rahulchopra When it works it's really great The new voice recognition feature is horrible. It will prompt me out of nowhere. Really screws with my enjoyment of this app. PLEASE ADD A TOGGLE OF SOME SORT TO TURN OFF VOICE ACTIVATION FEATURES! love it

  • geo2gun

    geo2gun I mean you can't go wrong with SoundHound,but beleive me when I say you can find any song you are looking for!!!!any albums you want it you got it!!!!you won't and will not be dissapointed no ads or nothing you can watch the videos or listen to the music!!so go on head and download it you will definitely love it. Pretty good

  • PeertDafprefs

    PeertDafprefs Sound Hound! I love this app. I swear, it knows every song that comes on and usually shows the lyrics in real time. It's awesome! Flawless

  • cathrine20

    cathrine20 8.5/10 I would give 5 stars but sometimes sound hound doesn't pick up the song or doesn't recognize what song your trying to pick up. For the most part, it still grabs the songs, but expect some will get away :( Worth a go!

  • efhijp

    efhijp Soundhound finds most every song, even the most obscure mash ups within EDM sets; it's very responsive and loads quickly. The accuracy is almost 100%. I'll definitely keep using it. Go well

  • saledelivery

    saledelivery Awesome It's become my new staple since soundtracking went under. It's pretty awesome that I can share this on FBT and add those songs to my spotify Great job

  • rontgoff

    rontgoff Very good app Works very well and helps me find songs easily. However, a problem has come to; whenever I try checking the lyrics, the app freezes and crashes. It stops responding. It's relatively recent. Still a good app. Well done!!


    LOKESHGEDAR YAY There was a song in Japanese that I wanted to find but I don't speak Japanese so humming the tune actually helped and led me to it!!! Just wow

  • mkingston10

    mkingston10 Fast and accurate I'm happy with Soundhound cuz it is very accurate in identifying the songs even in noisy environment. Highly recommended. Thank you! Not bad

  • emal22

    emal22 I used this app to find out the name of music score played on PBS Newshour (June 14, 2016) as background music while listing the people who were killed in Orlando. For some reason I liked the music and wanted to find out and this app helped me do that. Years from now I will be enjoying this music. Ultimately all technology has to do is help people live meaningful lives. Worth it!

  • gocadvertising

    gocadvertising It is real good It is real good it is real good It is real good It is real good It is real good It is real good It is real good It is real good Great!

  • maddoxvisual

    maddoxvisual I used SoundHound for years. This used to be a great app. The breadth of its library is excellent, and the search speed is good....that is, when the app works at all. At some point SoundHound became drowned with ad content. I recognize that ads are a necessary evil but in this case they have absolutely crippled the app. SoundHound crashes regularly, and I do mean regularly, 2-5 times an hour (I use it for extended periods to fix bad info in iTunes). It regularly becomes unresponsive for 15 seconds or more. It regularly returns your previous result instead of the current song. Every part of it is unreliable. Again, none of these problems were part of the original app. The issue is ads and not the app itself, but you can't have one without the other. They either have to be more picky with what ads they accept or deal with people finding more reliable apps. Pass! Must have

  • lisa1952

    lisa1952 I'm a pretty crappy hummer, so I'm very impressed with this! I am in my small quiet office with thin walls so I could only hum but so loud. I have had a song stuck in my head for the past hour and had no idea who it was. I quietly hummed one line of a verse a few times (off-key I might add) and this app didn't know the song, but it gave suggestions to what it might be. Sure enough, it was the first one listed. (fade into you- mazzy star) 5 stars ☄️ Recommend