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  • yuolivia

    yuolivia True Love Ever heard a song that truly struck you and you need to know what it is? Soundhound to the rescue! It can even pick up a song playing inn a restaurant over all the background noise. I use it CONSTANTLY. Totally in love with this app! Just wow

  • charlesscott194

    charlesscott194 My most used app Phone came with a bunch of crap apps I don't even use. I use Sound Hound all the time to figure out the artist of songs I hear on the radio. Awesome... Well done!!

  • btjozfjafp

    btjozfjafp Great app for finding music Rarely do I not find the music. When I do it is usually from too much noise obscuring the song. Muito bom!

  • jimkelvin

    jimkelvin Can detect singing! I'm at a choir concert with a friend who swears by Shazam. She used her app to try to find the song they were singing...but Shazam can't do that! I whipped out SoundHound and it found the song in like 5 seconds. Haha! Fabulous!

  • Famscrask

    Famscrask It is a great sniffer dog Great app all round, but at times this dog fails to detect the scent of new releases and says try again...that frustrates eesh out of me..South Africa. Flawless

  • erinepowell

    erinepowell Not only for music recognition This app is amazing. Not only for music recognition, but also for trending music & videos too. Awesome

  • wrirweday

    wrirweday Suggestion... Would be better if the voice command worked better. Its not very accurate. It might be because of my accent. Other than that, it does what it's supposed to do. Fantastic

  • BigBirder

    BigBirder Very useful! I use this app more than just about any. I reach for it everytime I hear something new, or when arguing about a song lyric or artist, and has actually become kind of an essential tool for my work as a DJ being able to identify quickly and easily identify every good tune you hear throughout the day and have it on a list to reference or download later:) Superb!

  • haleyameba

    haleyameba Seems to find more electronic music like Trance, than Shazam. Why the F is there no share to clipboard?! Marvelous

  • businesspro1

    businesspro1 Awesome music search engine I listen to a lot of Spanish and English music and this app recognizes a wide array of songs, including some of the ones by not so popular artist. The lyrics options is big plus since I like to carefully read what the songs says to find it's meaning. I hope to keep using it for as long as it is free. Highly Recommend.

  • shourya007

    shourya007 Great, but push ads ruin it Update...found the switch to turn off push ads. Four stars while I test...I like the app and it is just getting better...but it started pushing ads to the general notifications. I have 200 apps installed...imagine if all of them did that! I must either find a way to turn it off, or I will be uninstalling. Sad. Pretty good

  • Unmagneme

    Unmagneme Fantastic App!!!! No more wondering what that song was!!! 99% of the time it will recognize the song, even in the middle of a busy store or restaurant. I use it almost daily. Go well

  • butltc

    butltc Great app. Use it all the time. Love the history feature but wish they had a back-up for it (hence the 4 stars). Access to the lyrics are a big plus as well. There have only been a few times when Soundhound didn't recognize the song I was looking for. Been using the app for at least a year. Amazing!

  • hicjuisub

    hicjuisub Great app Really like this app helps with song's you heard before Save's your song's when you need it Works perfectly

  • wwkwivd

    wwkwivd Great app, but only sometimes I can't find the song... Please do try and stay up with the new songs, but 9/10 I'm extremely satisfied Perfect

  • pzrtebzm

    pzrtebzm Fantabulous! This app even picks up the right song if you hum the tune! That's like perfect for me who keeps forgetting the name of the song but can hum the tune. Great going guys! Just wow

  • lawbit

    lawbit Voice Recognition POOR Music recognition works great, voice commands rarely interpreted correctly. Use many voice apps/programs, this is only one that stumbles continually. Too bad, lot's of development work remaining! Surprisingly

  • a07739debream

    a07739debream Just love this app! No problem with this app. I pretty much had this for a year or so now. So far, so good. Not bad

  • bloggingwhilebrown

    bloggingwhilebrown It is really Awesome!!!. It's really cool to listen and you actually can learn about an artist or their song and I also looked at some Doctor Who and it's really catchy songs people should try it if they want to give it a chance. Works great

  • seaninfinity

    seaninfinity Sound hound It great for helping me to purchase the songs that I need for & event or just enjoy! Awesome