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NetEase Games

تشغيل، والقفز، الغوص، يطير وهجوم في طريقك للفوز في سبيدي النينجا!

( 42,023 )
الإصدار: 1.2.20
حجم: 53M


سرعة النينجا تقلب عداء لا نهاية لها رأسا على عقب! استخدام البراعة الخاص بك والمهارة للتغلب على العقبات القاتلة وتدمير وحوش تهديد على المدى، في الهواء - حتى رأسا على عقب كما فقط على درجة الماجستير النينجا يمكن! بناء تجربتك لفتح أحرف رهيبة جديدة، يتصاعد التنين، وأسلحة قوية كما كنت مطاردة درجة عالية على اليافطة.

** يشمل الحشد لتصفح الانترنت، كعكة رمي، EDM الفنان ستيف أوكي باعتبارها النينجا أونلوكبل!

أهم ملامح

* العب مجانا! العمل النينجا أفضل عداء لا نهاية لها على الهاتف المحمول! (في التطبيق المشتريات المتاحة)
* الغوص تحت الحبل لتحدي الجاذبية وتجنب العقبات الغادرة
* الأسلحة تطهير الشاشة إطلاق العنان لتدمير موجات من الاعداء
* ركوب التنين الأسطورية عاليا في السماء لبناء القدرات الخاصة بك
* ترقية النينجا الخاص بك، ثم رتبة بنسبة تتصدر المتصدرين اليومي
* أكمل التحديات اليومية لفتح مزيد من المكافآت تدريجيا
* جلود الطابع إفتح لزيادة الطاقة الخاصة بك وراء مستويات كحد أقصى
* بناء قائمة الأصدقاء، ثم استدعاء حلفائكم لتوسيع المدى الخاص بك

أبق على اتصال

الفيسبوك: https://www.facebook.com/PlaySpeedyNinja
تويتر: https://twitter.com/playspeedyninja
إينستاجرام: https://instagram.com/playspeedyninja/
يوتيوب: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7fPAi77lcCWFUc94UHyfGg


  • Speedy Ninja APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • Speedy Ninja APK contains Facebook sdk - Facebook: This open source Java library allows you to integrate Facebook into your Android application.
  • Speedy Ninja APK contains Google Play Games Services sdk - Google Play Games Services: Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.

تعليقات حول Speedy Ninja

  • gooshy

    gooshy Love it!! I just found the game, loving it so far, and i plan on being the best in the game! I'd just like to know if you guys are still improving the game, which I certainly hope, it'd be a shame finding a game this fun and knowing we won't get new features! Amazing!

  • pazwilcox42

    pazwilcox42 Fun but, unreliable servers. I try to play most every day. It is very fun. The servers are awfully unreliable at times. Also, the game requires you to log on to their servers in order to play. An offline option would be nice as i can't play when I'm at my cabin. Awesome

  • jamedunlap614

    jamedunlap614 Awesome game The gameplay is great & action. packed. Graphically beautiful, love the whole concept. Only knock is it's constantly having server connection issues Also the consecutive logins isn't accurate & not receiving new daily challenges. Fix those few bugs & you got gold with this one! Superb!

  • jaysonrosari416

    jaysonrosari416 Best Game Ever! I absolutely love this game. Even though there are few things like, for example, sometimes my internet connection doesn't work but that's just on me. Sometimes it glitches but that's okay I like I like a little thrilling and in a game. With with little glitches it's a little more fun that way that way, don't you think? Must have

  • mollybarbery2367

    mollybarbery2367 Help please I have completed the 200 Ninja upgrades, but can't get the price for completing the mission. Recommend

  • herschelnash33

    herschelnash33 Fun curve dies quickly Note 4. Marshmallow. Fun running game. Requires good reaction time. Sharp graphics. Needs more though. Ninja camp building, some basic story mode, etc. Well done!!

  • omarkerr715

    omarkerr715 Issue I don't know about everyone else but the controls are now slower then the action tap there for I can no longer dodge flying ninja stars and sudden spikes there being said hey game developers can u fix or something so we can have full control back ty Perfect

  • ianhainey

    ianhainey Purchase of Jade and other issues I bought some Jade and I was charged immediately, but never received it. Will rate higher once problem is solved, also when playing warped mode, when you reach a certain amount of speed, coins sometimes don't register even if you run through all of them completely. Next when you're deep in warped mode the bats and bees are unavoidable and you just have no chance of getting past it Works great

  • boogyman11

    boogyman11 Almost perfect The rewards for playing consecutive days in a row doesn't work I always make it 2 or 3 in a row and it re sets and I play every day Surprisingly

  • cataractsurgery

    cataractsurgery What the hell? These offers you have to complete for jade is bs! It rarely gives you the jade even after you followed all the instructions and completed the offer. I'm getting very frustrated... whats going on netease? Where the hell is my jade!?

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