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مع هذه الرياضة تلفزيون لايف التلفزيون التطبيقات يمكنك مشاهدة المباريات الرياضية بث مباشر مجانا!

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مع التلفزيون الرياضية بث مباشر - تلفزيون التطبيقات يمكنك مشاهدة الرياضة مباريات حية من كل بلد البطولات وأوروبا والولايات المتحدة الأمريكية سبورت، الدوري الأوروبي، دوري ابطال اوروبا، الرياضة الآسيوية واليورو والعالم مؤهلات الكأس وأكثر من ذلك بكثير على الجهاز المحمول الخاص بك مجانا من تهمة ودون تسجيل!

▩ أبرز الأخبار والقنوات
• شبكة سكاي سبورتس، ESPN، BT الرياضة، VIASAT الرياضة، الحرير الرياضة، يوروسبورت، الروسية الرياضة، رياضة السيارات، Sportmax، فوكس الرياضية، شباب التبت الرياضة، وأكثر من ذلك ...
• تدرج أكثر من 60 محطة رياضية حاليا
• مقر تلفزيون لايف: انظروا ألعاب المحددة مباشرة في التطبيق

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تعليقات حول sport TV Live - Television

  • HAOLaw

    HAOLaw Trustworthy for most of the channels But the video quality is not good and sometimes, you cannot see the desired channel Perfect

  • hbjlinfo112

    hbjlinfo112 Cannot play anything nothing wrong with my Internet but it's keeps saying Cannot play this video. Not bad

  • agqkymjlns

    agqkymjlns free sport !!! i think people are missing the point by giving bad reviews i use any channle i want costs me nothing get a better phone or tablet if it doesn't work "Nokia3310" love it

  • qipxcqex

    qipxcqex Good so far, UPDATE: Iffy Now Only been watching sky sports news as i don't have virgin or sky atm just virgin Internet, so this app is very handy for me, given you 5☆ as not had a problem yet so keep it up Must have

  • lhigccpi

    lhigccpi Good It is a nice idea but football matches especially breaks every now and then, you cannot enjoy a single game without breaks. And it take too much data Enjoy it!

  • RichardWang

    RichardWang 4 star Streams are amazing and the channel choice is too.... But annoying adverts pop up at what seems to be only the important parts of a game or show. Omg

  • shippingcost

    shippingcost Needs improvement Good app but needs improvement because in pauses by itself and Them I have to press the play button again, it is certainly better than Sky Sport Mobile which doesn't work and Sky is stealing money from customers. Well done!!

  • lrharmon

    lrharmon Excellent streams The ability to get sports channels without a subscription or messing around with kodi is great. Ignore the people who are moaning, it's free, doesn't cost you anything. I'm not sure what you're wanting for free? Recommend

  • xnadalita

    xnadalita So far so good.... Im always sceptical of anything offering free sports channels but I have to say this has worked well so far. Would be 5 stars if it had the two missing skysports channels. Overall a decent effort though I have to say. Great!

  • loolaavarftal

    loolaavarftal best app of its kind. I'd like to see more features though, like listings, for example, which name and detail what's airing on the channel instead of having to load every stream to find what you're looking for. I'm not having any buffering issues like others are on SD (currently using LTE), but HD streams are a bit laggy Recommend

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