تحميل Stay Alert للحصول على الروبوت

Ministry of National Security Jamaica

تحميل البقاء في حالة تأهب التطبيق. التي تقدمها وزارة الأمن الوطني ، جامايكا

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الإصدار: 1.0.5
حجم: 3.0M


البقاء في حالة تأهب تطبيق يتم توفيرها من قبل وزارة الأمن الوطني ، جامايكا. البقاء في حالة تأهب تطبيق أربعة (4) خيارات القائمة الرامية إلى تمكين الجمهور بطرق فريدة من نوعها. البقاء في حالة تأهب تطبيق أربعة (4) خيارات القائمة الرامية إلى تمكين الجمهور بطرق فريدة من نوعها.

المرسلة بالبريد الألكتروني

هذه القائمة يسمح بإرسال معلومات مجهولة إلى الشرطة. هذا يمكن أن يكون في شكل تسجيل الفيديو, تسجيل الصوت, الصورة أو الرسالة.

وضع الذعر

هذه القائمة يسمح بسهولة مما يجعل الاتصال مع الشرطة إذا كنت شخصيا في محنة أو في حالة من الذعر.'

هذه القائمة يسمح لتلقي والبحث محددة الجامايكي القوانين ببساطة أن نفهم 'القانون-بمقتضى هذه القوانين.


هذه القائمة تتيح تلقي المعلومات الهامة في شكل نص فقط أو نص والفيديو والنصوص الصوت أو النص و الصورة.

تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
البقاء في حالة تأهب معنى, البقاء في حالة تأهب أثناء القيادة, البقاء في حالة تأهب آية من الكتاب المقدس, البقاء في حالة تأهب اللثة استعراض, البقاء في حالة تأهب حبوب منع الحمل, البقاء في حالة تأهب اللثة آثار جانبية, البقاء في حالة تأهب اللثة, البقاء في حالة تأهب اللثة المكونات,

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تعليقات حول Stay Alert

  • mhankins12

    mhankins12 Nice I hit the alert button by accident and they actually called me. Not right away but it's shows that they monitor the system. Not bad.

  • phillipzimme725

    phillipzimme725 Guys it works Just one bit of info only press the panic button when you actually need it. I pressed it thinking that I would be presented with a confirmation screen but there was none. Panic Mode just sends an alert to the cops immediately and I got a phone call in less than one minute after pressing it. If this software solution is properly maintained this is truly a step in the right direction. Great Job! Great App!

  • thinkingeurope

    thinkingeurope Need improvement! Shouldn't this application have a setting that can make me able to change my number, address, next-of-kin details and so on? And when I first activate this application it took over half an hour to get back an response from the police, if there was really an emergency or whatever, I need back an response in no more than 3 minutes.

  • lanngold

    lanngold Does what it says.... This app is very useful, it is quick and very easy to use .I would recommend this app to anyone. Try it. Forget the negative comments

  • mizExpepe

    mizExpepe Help Seems to be a great program. I'm however having trouble getting past registration as it won't upload the photo. Address this please......

  • elqbagyegyf

    elqbagyegyf Good job, Jamaica, we're moving forward. This is a great idea and very proud of its implementation. And it's working! Only advice I have so far is to let people know on first startup, that once you press the panic button that's it. Like many others I sent an accidental false alarm thinking there would be a confirm button or something.

  • lpufkjvegun

    lpufkjvegun Its a wonderful idea by the Ministry of National Security I just love this app, it makes me feel a bit safer and it makes me feel as if we are going into the right direction regarding crime fighting. And I just love the part where I can read up about the law. Because I didn't know all a those things. And I wouldn't have gone to research the law on my own. I haven't tried out any of the panic stuff on the app as I didn't want to be charged for making a false alert. But from what I have read in the review it actually works.

  • cdvinewzdom

    cdvinewzdom beautiful concept...but panic alarm may need a little redesigning It's too easy to do a false panic alarm or it needs a confirm feature ... which I thought it had...oops...but got a call immediately from the most sincerely polite officer.

  • fockys

    fockys Great app Best idea Jamaicans ever came up with, wish it could work offline tho. Anyway great job

  • AerBuddy

    AerBuddy thumbs up i am amazed at how quick the response time was! personnel were pleasant and the service was great. i only wished the app worked offline

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