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بسيطة بندقية لعبة اطلاق النار.

( 132,505 )
الإصدار: 2.1.5
حجم: 20 MB


Stickman الجواب بندقية بسيط لعبة اطلاق النار بندقية.
قتل وحوش! دائما ما يحتاجونه في الدم.
شراء مجموعة متنوعة من البنادق، ويشعر مجرد الإثارة من الرأس SHOT!

يجب عليك قتل الكسالى، والمعالجات الشر والديدان العملاقة قبل أن الهجوم stickman.
الطريق الوحيد للبقاء هو الخاص بالرأس القدرة، والبنادق قوية، ومهارات.

※ كيفية اللعب
لمس الشاشة أو استخدام عصا التحكم الظاهري للتحرك والقفز وتبادل لاطلاق النار.
جمع المال لشراء بعض البنادق، ورفع مستوى.
توزيع مستوى المهارة ترتفع إلى تعزيز الطابع الخاص بك.
يمكنك الحصول على المزيد من المال ويسجل عندما قتل الوحش مع بالرأس.

ملامح اللعبة ※
نظام التصنيف العالمي دون أي حساب.
50 مراحل أكثر
10 أكثر مراحل بوس.
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تعليقات حول Stickman And Gun‏

  • pardeep23

    pardeep23 Cool, addictive, time killer, and just Legit. Man, this game its just, mm! Kills time like Havoc. Wait, does that make sense? Whatever, I'm just trying to say that this game is OP. Muito bom!

  • emilemorrow1127

    emilemorrow1127 Download this Yes, this game is very smart. Developer knew what he was doing. Just download it. Doesn't force you to buy stuff and the ads are handled in a way where it's not intrusive. 10/10 would rate again Brilliant

  • khkxnweomfb

    khkxnweomfb Burning item during update is just bad idea Been enjoying the game so far. One of the thing I hate in the game is the item upgrade can turn it into ash. If the upgrade is unsuccessful thats acceptable. But turning it into ashes after upgrading it with lots of money is just unacceptable. Works perfectly

  • thzhvxayi

    thzhvxayi Best game on here so far! Loving the gameplay and lack of needing WiFi to play and Ads. The sounds are nice, it's really addictive, and the enemies and upgrades are amazing! So glad I got this one Surprisingly

  • qhzgjy

    qhzgjy It's ok but..... Ok I have a problem here i ben enjoying this game but when I figured out that my videos always get playback error when I try to open the ches then I decided I would tell you that you should just put a challenge on their or something to get it okay fix that NOW!!! Works great

  • azthwu

    azthwu Some probs Please add a jump,reload,swap button...type a setup has some glitch about the aiming buttons..doesn't function well...type b has some issues,even press twice it won't jump...add more weapons or power ups...if possible...can't feel the top weapons damage...all in all it is a good game, consume fast the battery life...hidden apps?

  • udwfixoa

    udwfixoa Amazing Game This Game Is Amazing, But There Is A Glitch Where If Your Character Is Facing One Way, You Shoot The Other And It Really Doesn't Look Realistic. Also, There Should Be New Classes Like Warrior And The Desert Eagle Is Overpowered When You Fully Max It Out With The Full Skills Of Damage And Reload Times, It Would Be Better If You Could See Your Armour Equipped And If You Could See The Reload. But Instead Of Improvements, This Game Should Be In One Of 2016 Best Games Ever

  • zqarod

    zqarod Great shooting game for spare time.. Amazing feel of shooting like hell at so many enemies with loads of gun... I liked it a lot!

  • whoisshannonhogan

    whoisshannonhogan Pretty good Good game play, decent amount of choice for weapons and items, and it gives pretty decent rewards for viewing adds. Good time waster for a couple to a few weeks.

  • earnestcrosb25

    earnestcrosb25 Previously: Unable to enjoy this As previously expected, once you have overpowered gun and doing low level, the game gets fun. Do the level correspondent to your own, the game turn to be a chore. Wizard and archery gameplay might be interesting once you have abundant gold to burn. But without, I dont think I can survive. I suggest dedicated button for jumping and buff the active skill.

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