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القديمة الجيدة stickman مرة أخرى في صفوف!

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الإصدار: 3.0
حجم: 99M


* مثيرة 3D لعبة العمل!
* بطل Stickman قوية مع ترسانة سلاح.
* الحيل الخاصة مع ترقيات حذوها.
* طن من الأعداء ومعارك ضارية!

كما اقتحمت استنساخ الشر بلدة البطل الحقيقي يأتي لمساعدة المواطن.
استخدام المهارات الجديدة الخاصة بك لركلة استنساخ للخروج من المدينة.
البقاء على قيد الحياة في معارك ملحمية ومحاولة لاستكمال جميع المهام.
دفع أكثر من خصومك على السيارات والدراجات أو حتى الدبابات. أنت حارس النهائي الآن حتى لا المسمار!
البحث عن الأسرار الخفية على الخريطة الكبيرة.
جمع المكافآت لتدمير أعدائك و تنفيذ المهام، يمكنك استخدامها لشراء أفضل الأسلحة في المحل.

ضرب من الصعب والتمسك الخط الخاص بك حتى النهاية.

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  • Stickman Rope Hero APK contains Google Play Games Services sdk - Google Play Games Services: Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.
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تعليقات حول Stickman Rope Hero

  • kranbalke

    kranbalke Loved it but it need planes, horses , boats and i want to join the military base and they keep killing me pls if u fix it I'll rate 5 stars Superb!

  • breclorcE

    breclorcE Very fun but it needs more explanation on what the symbols on the map mean. There are two that show up but have nothing there for me to do so it's very confusing Amazing!

  • delacquasalon

    delacquasalon Excellent but laggy start Excellent game. But the loading for the game and city etc. Takes like 2 mins and the start just lags for a long time please did Perfect

  • gentle

    gentle Incredible I love the way you can enter houses. And also you get to be fighting people. Awesome. Please download this game. Go well

  • Fluemtew

    Fluemtew Ok Game is too much little bad but my brother this app is not responding in my brother's phone Brilliant

  • portuguesegift

    portuguesegift Awesome But i keep respawning to the homepage of the game after awhile please fix this then I will rate this game five stars and also fix the way you fight because you have to use the rope instead of hand to hand combat Surprisingly

  • iknowuk35

    iknowuk35 Great game. This is a fun game but i don't know the goal of the game. It is fun and looks like gta. Yoy can kick cars, fight people and run from the police! very fun. I must try the sequel. Perfect!

  • zxsdawer

    zxsdawer Its so GOOD The only thing i dont like about it is that the rope dont go far but its good because u can climb walls like spiderman theres one more thing i dont like about it is the fighting BUT BRILLIANT GAME THANKSSSSSSSS Enjoy it!

  • thermalfilter

    thermalfilter BEST GAME This is a really cool game, its like if your in gta 5 but with powers its awesome thats why I rate it 5 Omg

  • HughVassall

    HughVassall If you dont know how to fix the lag 1. Go at the settings 2.set the quality to low and your done and pls add new meelee's Well done!!

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