Stickman Soccer 2016‏

Djinnworks GmbH
Stickman كرة القدم 2016 هو تتمة العلامة التجارية الجديدة لStickman كرة القدم!

encohifinciafToo much fun! Keep it up! Game is so much fun I play it Every time I have a few mins to waste. Which turns out is quite often cuz I keep finding myself making excuses to have enough time for just one more game. Only thing that bothers me is the way goals are handled it seems the only way to get the ball in is if you shoot it directly into the goal. So if you miss then run right up to the ball in a wide open goal and push it in nothing happens and the goal keeper just automatically takes the ball from you soon as he gets near where in reality you would've scored. But other than that games is GREAT! Awesome