Storage Space‏ for Android

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  • dkumar9932

    dkumar9932 I had Internal memory problem I'm trying this cause my phone lgG4 used to have 32gb internal but when I reset it became 8gb hope this will do something to it Works perfectly

  • stacey1128

    stacey1128 HOW TO USE IT?? Sorry but im slow of this one Can you teach me how to use it Cuz i really want a space ❤ Thank you Worth it!

  • gregorygonza922

    gregorygonza922 I can't use it Can you please tell me how to use it? I don't know how. Help me please. Thank you. Perfect

  • kimrosario124

    kimrosario124 I Think it Works Like i have a Lot Of Storage! Gooooooooood Sooo Good and i think it Works i think Becus right Now i have Like a lot of Storage!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Not bad

  • fletcherdixo327

    fletcherdixo327 Perfect App! This is the best example of the perfect app. Small in size, requires few permissions. Provides highly useful info or service. Leaves memory when its done. Can be stored on SD card. In short, it just works! EDIT: But for Pete's sake, can you please stop updating the app every blessed day? It's effing annoying! Great job

  • nicholasgill1229

    nicholasgill1229 Best app EVER Displays all the partitions, allows to quickly spot any app taking too much space. My phone is working again !! 5 star

  • randyhinton821

    randyhinton821 Thanks a lot It helps me a lot to find which hidden folders are consuming too much space in my internal storage. Thanks Perfect!

  • daviddixon

    daviddixon Love it love it love it so much This is really helpful and it lit it live it amazing get this app you will love it Recommend

  • qjcxyzpfhc

    qjcxyzpfhc AWESOME So basically I had low space now I don't. coool right.I have now 134mg left now yasss bruh Brilliant

  • attvnohg

    attvnohg THOS IS THE BEST APP EVER It did everything I wanted the people who created this app keep doing what you do.... Surprisingly

  • pgcaerkr

    pgcaerkr Latest update is much improved Works fine, full screen ads are replaced with small ad banner at the bottom of the app. Gives good details on storage space. Latest update (January 8, 2015) is very nice.

  • pipe4yodrain

    pipe4yodrain I don't know if works !?? When I went to install this app I picked up a few more APPS like this one.. So I got mix up because I was useing 3 booster APPS at the same time..were can I get some information to see if I can do more harm than good useing 3,;at the same time ???

  • yqqfwszmyjy

    yqqfwszmyjy It's awesome This app is so easy to use I tried to download and app that took a lot of space to view my storage and I checked and this app says the truth

  • hvpkhdpqgtn

    hvpkhdpqgtn Amelioratiom It is like perfect and immediatly installed gives mire space but i need more space than that so pls put more space i'll be eaiting for the update...

  • espoirvie

    espoirvie Fabulous app for free. Recommended to 2 friends at least DO U GUYS KNOW FILE COMMANDER CHARGES U FOR THE FEATURES,THIS APP OFFERS FOR FREE.THIS APP IS FANTAAAAABULOUS.......5 STARS

  • Camilla_Stein

    Camilla_Stein Needs horizontal line graph for folders/files. Needs horizontal line graph for instant visual details without having to read the percentage of space the item is using.

  • perfectring

    perfectring Does what it says on the tin If you know your way around the commandline, just stick to 'df -h' and 'cat /proc/partitions'. This app does the equivalent.

  • rykljbdw

    rykljbdw Very Handy App to track storage I love this app as it gives me insight to storage usage and folder wise memory consumption. Good job. Marvelous

  • simondunn38

    simondunn38 Super tool Good and well visually designed to aid system architecture content check. Have now upgraded to pro to support development. Great!

  • HoashyUpdassy

    HoashyUpdassy Vinay Hey Bro.. Plz tell me how to use this internal storage is 1.75.and my sd card is 16gb. How to do partition.. Plz tell me I want my internal atleast 4gb. Plz tell me Not bad