تحميل دراجة سباق 3D: حيلة للحصول على الروبوت

Rooster Games

سباق الدراجات 3D هي لعبة موتوكروس عمل كبيرة للاعبين الدراجة.

( 41,997 )
الإصدار: 1.9
حجم: 43M


مرحبا بكم الدراجة حيلة لعبة سباق 3D. هل حلمت بأن تصبح حيلة الدراجة؟ أفضل الفيزياء القائم على لعبة الدراجة حيث يمكنك أن تلعب في حياتك. الاستعداد لسباق الدراجات النارية التمتع بسرعة.

هل أنت مستعد لسباق الدراجات النارية تتكون من الأقرب إلى الدراجة الفيزياء الحقيقية؟
رسومات واقعية وملفتة للنظر لسوف توفر لك مع أفضل تجربة لعبة دراجة نارية.

هدفك في اللعبة، بنجاح إكمال عدة مستويات، ويتألف من الطريق صعبة وخطيرة.
تثبت أنك أفضل متسابق الدراجة.

ملامح اللعبة:
* العمل الادمان
* مستويات كثيرة
* أنواع عديدة ومختلفة من الدراجة
* رسومات رائعة
* حيلة واقعية
* سهولة التحكم

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تعليقات حول دراجة سباق 3D: حيلة

  • shielamadrigal324

    shielamadrigal324 Nic game It's nice game but it's handels are very hard and it's so bad game do not download and do your time wast it's stupid

  • MarinkaBrom

    MarinkaBrom the game its awesome all the disgusting people who make the creators feel bad are jerks don't listen decide for yourself

  • johnnysandelson

    johnnysandelson it's alright I guess would've given it a higher rating if the buttons worked like they're supposed to (they'll highlight but u have to release and tap a few times to get it to work) and level 4 is ridiculously hard for me. can't get past that massive jump in the beginning. I get to about the last 2 barrels then hit them and blow up. gets old, boring, and frustrating after a while. Amazing!

  • thatsmikey

    thatsmikey Don't waste time downloading Worst game I've ever played. When u crash u slow down but time keeps going at normal speed so will neva give precise time. Complete waste of time n effort. Only gave 1 star as u can't rate no stars. Good

  • goodlove2008

    goodlove2008 M 321 This is an awesome game you should know how to play video downloader that I have on my phone this game is awesome so if you say the wrong Land Rover plant if you download it and then on your ipad/iphone wherever you don't want to run I messed up nevermind Perfect!

  • Claymotion

    Claymotion Really good You just need to get used to the controls after you do its real fun but you have to be patient because the levels are pretty long and sometime s take a bit of time to master Worth a go!

  • northshorenow

    northshorenow Ehhh Its super cool but i keep getting stuck on things and i have to reset the level im uninstalling it ):( love it

  • mariyashel

    mariyashel Great game Great game but glitches a lot. Make a part 2 of this game, please? Add more bikes too like crouchet rockets or how ever their spelled. 5 star

  • gelseysimmon

    gelseysimmon Has potential Great graphics rubbish controls very buggy. Don't think anyone has even tried playing the game before they released it on the market. Very poor for a unity game which are usually excellent. Just wow

  • silverstars

    silverstars So cool This game is really good for your kids but the levels are little hard and the guy dies sometimes but it is a good game for your kids. Cool

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