Super-Bright LED Flashlight for Android

Ponkuki Inc.
Super-Bright LED Flashlight الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • duseRodunse

    duseRodunse It's ok, in other words. I keep downloading the next version or patch to fix delay in turning on. Still has a big delay in turning on

  • VahThulleyses

    VahThulleyses Not about camera flash I am looking for a camera flash switch on and off app and this one is not about 'camera flash' it is about screen flash.

  • Omiquaguelula

    Omiquaguelula ऐप तो अच्छी लगी पर भाषाई समस्या है । भाषा अंग्रेज़ी होती तो और अच्छा होता ।