كشاف LED فائق الإضاءة for Android

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مصباح ساطع وضوء ليلي لنظام Android. نوّر الظلام بضغطة واحدة!
  • Taubtetle

    Taubtetle So bright Not just the light guys. This is bright. Efficient. Smart. And it works well. I love all the settings. If you get it please help them and show support for the hard work put into these little things. Rate it 5 ☆ thanks guys. Superb!

  • vardoniaboott

    vardoniaboott Awesome! Very useful.. And if I don't want to turn on my room light to look for something, I can use this app to help! And it's very amazing in dark spaces.. Such as, outside and inside. Very good source of light. I absolutely love this! Fantastic

  • suitDiutt

    suitDiutt Easy To Use & Super Bright I needed a torch. This was too of the list with a very good rating. The light is bright and the app is not aggressive. It does have ads on the bottom but it is free so this is NOT a big deal or a deciding factor. So far, so good. Pretty good

  • hongxingpeggy

    hongxingpeggy Simply and literally put, "YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE"! It does everything you intend it to do, plus more, especially compared to a regular flash light, which is always being misplaced, ugh! 5 star

  • aston05

    aston05 MASSIVE HELP! We've all found ourselves trying to see into a gap that's poorly lit or in a room at night or where perhaps the bulb has burnt out. TA DA the ever useful flashlight app. Love it Great!

  • cocoalex

    cocoalex Cool virtual flash light So far I only had use as flash light but I like how it blinks off and on and stuff. So I gave it five stars there are advertising at the bottom of screen . But hey it's free I shouldn't complain great job guys. Perfect!

  • canadageese

    canadageese Gonna let my little light shine. Extra bright, added features. What's not to like? I want to thank the individuals and teams that provide me (us) with apps that I can afford. (Can't argue with free). Sharing your knowledge allows me to enjoy my devices, not struggle with them. To you, lots of energy and unimaginable successes. Enjoy it!

  • fekaeta

    fekaeta It is what it is I'd give it 5, but its just a light. And I usually need it in hectic dark moments and its not turning on bcuz its wanting to see if I want to survey and rate it. Like no!.. Right now I need light! Ask me when I'm not in the dark and scared. Thanks love it

  • feliuka

    feliuka Useful!!! Love it. It helps a lot with all the stuff I do! I'll attach my phone to a gun replica and mess around with it! I van also go outside if I forget the mail during the days last hours. This is an amazing app. I can hardly believe it's a free app!! Well done!!

  • getcoolshit11

    getcoolshit11 Bright This app has helped me like crazy it's really bright better then my friends iPhone lights Perfect!

  • moxskannova

    moxskannova Effective Bright, simply worth the attention. Well done team. Try to update with new and exotic features. Fantastic

  • merrillhayes410

    merrillhayes410 Very nice! Easy to use, does what a flashlight should. The strobe is a nice little fun touch, as well as the on/off sounds. To those who complain about permissions, I don't know what their problem is. It needs access to camera, and that's all. How else is it possible to use the camera's flash? Duh. Amazing!

  • Ethellablooma

    Ethellablooma Perfect! Great look, ease of use and love the way it's helped me so many times when I most needed it. Thank you for making it free! ♡♡♡ Recommend

  • EliseLaRocca

    EliseLaRocca Helps me This flash light helps me when its raining and the lights.are power off I I use it Perfect!

  • maureencorristan

    maureencorristan Why not get it? it's the best and most reliable flashlight app I can find, so I feel it deserves these 5 stars! If I could give more, I would! :D Works perfectly

  • p_atch

    p_atch Great for finding fruit flys !! I use this flashlight app to find any unwanted fruit flys that get into my beer cans. Amazing!

  • taylortrevin1128

    taylortrevin1128 Decent app Simple. Easy. Does what it supposed to. The FLASHLIGHT. Adds a little annoy,but could live with it... Overall good app Enjoy it!

  • darrellboyd12

    darrellboyd12 Very bright I was trying to look behind my dryer and washer and needed a flashlight and didnt feel like going down stairs and into the garage & look for one. Wow it sure has brightness. I saw more that I need to see lost socks and piles of dust. wow lol

  • clementweave12

    clementweave12 Great app (love how bright it is) it's really came in handy on several occasions. Easy to use, stays on, also that built-in feature for the flash is a nice added addition specially if you were in an accident. Well done!!

  • darenayers717

    darenayers717 4 stars for now I'll give you 5 if no more ads pop up. I asked for ad free no permissions , but i got an ad first time i used it. Otherwise , its cool , love the strobe control. Please , no ads , permissions. I like it better than my last one so far. Earn another star without ads , PROMISE! Brilliant