كشاف LED فائق الإضاءة for Android

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مصباح ساطع وضوء ليلي لنظام Android. نوّر الظلام بضغطة واحدة!
  • ardyssonline

    ardyssonline Galaxy S5 I had this flashlight on my Galaxy S3. When my phone died, and I got this new phone, the S5, I knew I had to find this same flashlight again!! I have used it many times over for safety, for hard to see places, such as lighting an oil stove(to look in and see how much oil is running in (winter time of course), for getting the proper key for the door at night, etc. This has to got to be one of the nicest flashlights EVER! Easy to use and very simple. SIMPLE IS BEST! JOB WELL DONE! : )) Not bad

  • szjj8459

    szjj8459 Very useful It's very useful cause when I'm not tired at night I read a book under my covers the flashlight helps me read and not get caught:) Go well

  • annabethcheese

    annabethcheese Nice, Bright and Handy Would like a default feature that can activate the light w/o actually going to the app. Ex: holding the power button or up/down volume key to allow immediate access to the light. Also, limit the permissions..... an app light is simply that. Why do you need permissions to contacts, photos, etc... Great!

  • reedjensen25

    reedjensen25 Awesome 5 star

  • wilbertnelso1127

    wilbertnelso1127 It's a flashlight What can go wrong with a flashlight it doesn't lag and it doesn't use much battery life Superb!

  • styleostyle

    styleostyle Super- Bright LED Does exactly what it say's, it's what you want when you need a light in the middle of the night or even looking in dark spots in the day time. Amazing!

  • abesolomon821

    abesolomon821 Impeccable Best flashlight on the app market, guaranteed. Very easy to use, screen switch, extra bright and only uses the camera. Does not require entry to other apps, can which is very important me. Well done!!

  • billiebernar125

    billiebernar125 Very bright idea This is the greatest and brightest app I ever seen and it's really handy infact it's so useful I got the upgrade and if your stuck somewhere or need help the app is so bright it can be used as a distress signal and better yet it works on all devices with a camera Works great

  • ostfilerecovery

    ostfilerecovery Loved it Very nice, makes me feel like a secret agent and it is easy to use plus it does not need us to sign in and only has access to camera. And the best part is that you can change the way it works by moving this thing on the top.5 ★ rating from me, best app :-)♥ Awesome

  • neofaryiveano

    neofaryiveano Awesome Well done!!

  • Chothereose

    Chothereose Nice and simple Love the brightness better than most lights and you get a strobe light too. To bad it doesnt have a button to dim the light. But its still good. Surprisingly

  • sherylstanley

    sherylstanley Works good with a tiny bit of lag on my LG G4, only grimace is it doesn't have a widget that can operate the light without opening the app Good

  • saexxmdunve

    saexxmdunve Samsung Flashlight This is the "BEST" Flashlight I've ever used for a phone. It has so many useful functions. It's a must try!!! I couldn't believe how bright it is. I LOVE IT Enjoy it!

  • lorefreessy

    lorefreessy Awesome love it

  • Dryiceblasting

    Dryiceblasting Very nice I have used it many times and I think it is very handy. The only thing was that the app stopped working causing the light to go out. Not a big deal it was most likely my phone. Other than that, it is great! Go well

  • ValCoibia

    ValCoibia Great app I have used this app on both my LG G2 and my Samsung J7. The G2 was much brighter, but didn't last very long battery wise. It also overheated quite often. However that is the phones fault. I like that I can put the app on my lock screen for easy access. Worth a go!

  • ramonanthony1230

    ramonanthony1230 Awesome Well done!!

  • clarencehens25

    clarencehens25 Needs a paid option I'm switching to another app because accidentally clicking the banner ad turns off the flashlight. Would prefer a paid option with no ads. Pretty good

  • stacyweiss821

    stacyweiss821 Awesome Good

  • Chengyuj

    Chengyuj Awesome Pretty good