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Adventure Islands

يمكنك البقاء على قيد الحياة الخطرة الملاجيء والوصول إلى الكنز الأسطوري؟

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الإصدار: 1.3.1
حجم: 46 MB


قفز إلى مغامرة platforming صعبة مع صياد الكنز الصغير تيمي! قم بالركض والقفز في الممرات المملوءة بالفخ والألغاز ، لكن احترس: الغرف مليئة بالمسامير والحفر وغيرها من الأخطار القاتلة. هل لديك ما يلزم لغزو الأبراج المحصنة الخطرة والوصول إلى الكنز الأسطوري؟

مميزات العبه:
- أكثر من 60 مستويات التحدي ، بما في ذلك أرباب العمل والمراحل السرية!
- رسومات الفن بكسل أنيقة و الرجعية!
- SNES مستوحاة الموسيقى التصويرية الرجعية من KungFuFurby!
- فتح الإنجازات لإثبات إتقان زنزانة الخاص بك!
- وضع وقت المحاكمة مع المتصدرين ل speedrunners! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
أظلم الأبراج, stencyl, , جوسي simpanen, فليكسيل, سوبر dd, ميني كليب, الألعاب المحظورة, ألعاب الرياضيات باردة

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  • chrissponias

    chrissponias A Different But Familiar Dungeon The game has been stripped of combat and more finely tuned for precise platforming as you journey through the dungeons obstacle courses. It's just as fun as the first and manages to pack fun into its run. Well done, Adventure Islands. Brilliant

  • thnkkng

    thnkkng Pure and uncomplicated platformer Simple and well made platformer. Levels are small, well designed, non-repetitive. Storyline is fun. Challenge doesn't get too high. Doesn't reach full potential. Recommend

  • iklctdhcqmo

    iklctdhcqmo A great puzzle game After the hype of Tiny DD, I quickly downloading this expecting more amazing metroidvania gameplay, but I was shocked when I discovered the style was different. It felt quite easier and more linear that the last part, but at the ending, I discovered there where secrets beyond it, which gave it an unexpected twist, a new load of challenges, and an unique plus for this game. A great game, with the spicy difficult of the old school games. If you want a challenge for some little time, give this game a chance! 5 star

  • vincecarver

    vincecarver Great game! But I wish It had achievements and limited lives with safe points like Tiny DD. ❤ love it

  • shanerowland410

    shanerowland410 Love this game Can we get support for the 8bitdo Bluetooth remote controller ? The arrows work but the jump button does not? I so want to play your games with a remote Control. Must have

  • BaileyRoberts

    BaileyRoberts Best playing & rage quiting, all the time .. good job devs , keep up ur good work let new lvls addede :) _ good luck ✌ Amazing!

  • hbprs247

    hbprs247 Sufficiently challenging, but way too simplistic. You can move left/right and jump. That's it. There are no enemies or special techniques like double jump. Obstacles can be elaborate, but it's immediately obvious what to do. This game is more about precision jumping than solving puzzles. "Boss" levels are just scrolling levels. You never fight anyone. Kinda disappointing considering the previous game had a huge map to explore and the character had many abilities. Muito bom!

  • anirban2008

    anirban2008 Different from first game. More of an obstacle course than Mario-style. But love the color and control. The controls are much much smoother than the first. Good work guys! Brilliant

  • Appactloto

    Appactloto I love it but not as much as the first Its amazing fun but repetitive I honetly still loved it though and I hope to see more ^-^ Marvelous

  • buyingwowgoldigv

    buyingwowgoldigv My favorite mobile retro platformer!!! Amazing game!! I rarely have the attention span to finish games, and this one I finished!! I loved the unique art, music, game mechanics, and adorable dialogue. It was punishing but you have infinite lives! Also so cool you made this with Stencyl!! I only found 1 minor bug: before the final level, escaping the dungeon, after an ad the game controls will freeze. I have to pause and unpause then the music volume is reduced. Other than that, it all worked perfectly! Thank you! :) I look forward to the sequel. Worth a go!

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