سوبر مصباح يدوي Flashlight‏ for Android

واحدة من أفضل الأدوات مصباح يدوي لجهازك.
  • cmsijrim

    cmsijrim روووووووووووووووووووووووووووووعه. جمييييييييييييييييييييييييييييل.

  • frqezobtae

    frqezobtae البرنامج ممتاز وممكن الاستفادة منه ليلا عند توقف سيارتك بطريق مظلم واطلاق اشارات تحزيرية

  • ijcbiuy

    ijcbiuy من خلال تشغيله واغلاقه فقد يصور بعض المقاطع لك او لاي احد يمسكه وينقله اله الشركه وهاذا الشي يسبب الكوارث وشكرا مع تحياتي نرجس

  • alemaigbiatty

    alemaigbiatty Really Bright Light The flashlight is super bright which is important when you need a light this bright. The app is very simple to use and very fast or responsive. Great job

  • Xdszjprp

    Xdszjprp Sooper Real light. I need this one which not off even cell screen off. Thanks manufacturer Good

  • gonzaloshaff225

    gonzaloshaff225 Meh It can impersonate emergency vehicles quite well, but not the brightest and not the best interface. There is even a menu selection that's over top of the main power button. Not to mention the other couple flaws in design. Not bad

  • coatsteenty

    coatsteenty I can see anywhere in the dark Find me a bright light that lights up the whole room and you can find anything in the dark I like it I like it alot. Worth a go!

  • tdqwblm

    tdqwblm Awesome. I like it. Fast, responsive and it totally works and those that actually open up an app and send you elsewhere. Only problem is ADVERTS. I don't like it when I am using an app and an advert pops up and covers the whole screen. Either way, it is just right. I would recommend it to anyone. Muito bom!

  • tjmgfmb

    tjmgfmb Turns on easy in my pocket. It's really bright and that's great. I don't have to push a lot of buttons. But the downside, it turns on in my pocket and kills my battery. I would give it more stars if that didn't happen. Oh, well. You can't always have perfection. Awesome

  • TigerWraps

    TigerWraps Mini. Flashlight I love the flashlight. Its easy to use. You can leave it on then you can shout all the lights out. I use it so l can see getting into bed. I don't have to hold it, then I have two hands to get my covers on me.GREAT!!

  • emizrglobal

    emizrglobal Super flashlight I am really glad you have much more light than the others I have tryed , but the advertising is really anoying

  • acansania

    acansania Lovely The app is very lovely, does the work perfectly. Doesn't go off on phone standby mode. Great job guys.

  • Ritahieli

    Ritahieli .Get it! Think about Safety. I think this flashlight is Cool! its simple and it can be used for just about anything. If you are looking for style, or lighting the entire street, then this one is not for you.

  • Fusion_Shoppe

    Fusion_Shoppe Super Flashlight LED With the exception of pop up ads, it's a very nice app to have. The red and blue blinking colored lights, and the yellow caution light features are good to have if a person gets stuck on the road in their car at night. Nice addition to this app.

  • tony20121314

    tony20121314 More useful than other 'popular' apps Another flashlight app burned out my led & gave no option for a light via the screen. I was glad to find that this app has intuitive access for what I need. The only thing that bugs me, is that the pop-up ad takes up the whole screen with the touch-to-close in a really small section of a corner. The ad is also inconsistent as to when it pops-up (both good & bad I suppose). Despite that, it's not a deal breaker for using the app.

  • GoobewheeSs

    GoobewheeSs Love this app This James Bond light is one of the best ones yet it is super bright and I love it.

  • sweannele

    sweannele Superflashlight Great tool. Lots of options and choice of light colour. Will use in car park in winter monthd

  • ihpeemsvny

    ihpeemsvny I thank you very much so l say:) Yes most definitely l thank you all very very much so

  • qtepjo

    qtepjo Pretty cool It's a useful app that I keep in case of an emergency, I prefer flashlight pro but this is a better emergency attention getter app.

  • Noryelovivy

    Noryelovivy Super flash light I absolutely