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( 21,784 )
الإصدار: 1.6.23
حجم: 2.8M


كنت لا تزال تبحث عن التطبيق لائق لمساعدتك على اتخاذ لقطات على جهازك؟
يأتي ومحاولة "سوبر لقطة"، فإنه يحتوي على الميزات التالية:

1. سهلة الاستخدام، لا حاجة ليكون الجذر، لمجرد الضغط على أزرار على الهاتف لمدة 2 ثانية.
2. تغيير الحجم، خربشات، إضافة النص وإضافة عوامل تصفية، فمن السهل جدا لتعديل الصور الخاصة بك.
3. يتم تخزين الصور الخاصة بك على بطاقة SD. وبالإضافة إلى تقاسم المدمج في، يمكنك أيضا الاتصال إلى جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك عن طريق USB للتصفح ونسخ الصور.
4. خالية تماما! يعمل مع أندرويد 4.0 وما فوق.

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تعليقات حول Super Screenshot‏

  • midopopocorn

    midopopocorn Does what I want!! I'm sure there's a better version of this app out there, but this does the trick for me. It's not hard to use. Pretty good

  • amoullyLoyago

    amoullyLoyago I love this app I really like this app I had trouble looking for the right app bht now i found it and it has everything i needed you guys should download it too 5 star

  • cgivens2006

    cgivens2006 Please help: how do I disable the built-in share function? I want to disable every manifestation of it, because I don't share screenshots, usually I just save them for myself. It is intrusive for me. If I can't find out how to disable this function I will Perfect, awesome, never malfunctions or fails. I use it on 2 phones, one Samsung & one ZTE. I hafta remember to use home button on Samsung. Works perfectly on both phones. Enjoy it!

  • clfsolutions

    clfsolutions Odd app. All adverts. Doesnt work intuitively. Seriously. It simply doesnt make it easy to use. It is a platform for advertising. Lots of advertising!

  • n3ssa_marie

    n3ssa_marie Doesn't work It's as lame as the native Samsung screenshot 2 button combo which never works either!

  • pernopenueDum

    pernopenueDum Fantastic This is the screen shot s.w that should have come with my galaxy note 2 in the first perfectly just as described.thanks so much

  • michaelt

    michaelt Ok This may seem like a tall order,but would be nice to shoot the hole message or subject......

  • Beechwood_Landscape

    Beechwood_Landscape Just hold on and think first... I'm using Samsung phone, I found that even not running this appear I can still use second method to take screen shot....and this appear instantly became useless. You can do better man~…

  • spraybedbugs

    spraybedbugs Works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Had to try it several times to get the hang of it.. Thanx.. U should make it so the status bar has a button in it to take a screenshot.

  • SarahO1070

    SarahO1070 Galaxy S6 Edge + Using the Galaxy S6 Edge + and the screen capture is ridiculous. This app is the best one I've used to replace.

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