Sushi House for Android

ببساطة لذيذ لعبة السوشي.
  • StuDEEOh58

    StuDEEOh58 الُلُعّبُهّ ؤٌايّدً حَلُؤٌهّ نَزّلُؤٌهّا تّسّتّاهّلُ اكثٌرً مُنَ 5نَجَمُاتّ

  • gnvoxddvhvx

    gnvoxddvhvx مره حلوه

  • thhphdic

    thhphdic بس روع انصح الكل بتحيلها انا هلئ انزل فيها لاني لايتها في هاتف بنت خالتي ولعبتها وعجبتني ونجحت في كزى مرحلة بس المشكل ان الزباين ينزعج بسهول

  • ekepas

    ekepas رووووووووووووووووووووووووعة ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ love

  • phunty

    phunty وااااااااااااااااااو. وااااااااااااااااااو. أكل الصين واااااااااااااااو.

  • souljaboy

    souljaboy إنها جميلة جدا إنها أكثر من روعة أنا أحب sushi house وأنا أنصح الجميع بتحميلها


    GIVINGAWAY واو والله اللعبه مره جميله من جد .. بس مع تقدم المراحل يسير فيها شوية صعوبة

  • kiaotw

    kiaotw Best food game ever Finally I found a game that I can play the full without paying any money. I love this game, so fun and addictive Great job

  • margaritohar717

    margaritohar717 Fun game Thought it was in Japanese but was surprised it was in English. Addictive but the ads are in a inconvenient spot and i accidentally kept pressing it when trying to press the hands button Worth it!

  • jenniferdouglas

    jenniferdouglas Good Good but i think hearts go down to quickly. N not enough candy at least five peaces not three. N everything cost so much to upgrade. If the prices start out low then go up tat would be fair. Just wow

  • KulaginFedor

    KulaginFedor Addictive Its mostly time management that you have to handle in this game, but it's fun. I've heard that part 2 was expensive when it came to buying things but this has endless so that you can make money to buy upgrades. But the English in this game is a little off, but that's fine with me Great!

  • Joozspit97

    Joozspit97 i love it! but i hate the ads bcs everytime when i play the game the ads will pop up and it's annoyed me. pls close the ads. tq Brilliant

  • imnoone

    imnoone Mostly fun and mindless I really enjoy this game, though there are two things that could be improved on. Firstly, when a mistake is made, it should be possible to remove the last ingredient added to the mat instead of scratching it completely. Secondly, restocking should let you still use ingredients if you weren't out completely, and the limit of ingredients you can have should be indicated. Surprisingly

  • gyfonhr

    gyfonhr Loving it!!! Not only is this game fun, but it makes me want to eat, too! The ads can be distracting though... Marvelous

  • isidrosulliv1230

    isidrosulliv1230 fun I like the game I could do without some of the ads there's an ad pop up every time I pause a lil less of that an I'd give it a five Recommend

  • lifesbasics

    lifesbasics Good game BUT REMOVE THE ADDS!!! I love this game but hate the adds, please add a remove adds option. I am willing to pay $$ to get them removed forever. Good

  • thedesignio

    thedesignio Good game Fun to play especially for passing time. The new (ish) update has definitely made it better to play. However one issue for me is didn't tell players in the game about new features, for example, in the second restaurant customers can order two different sushi at the same time but unlike at the start of them game it doesn't actually tell you how to make this.

  • VivifierRecords

    VivifierRecords Fun but the ads during game is so annoying Fun and love it. But the ads that show during the game is so annoying. Always touch it accidentally when roll the sushi. Please improve and thanksssss.


    UXSTRAT Awesome I finished chapter 1in few days but when I clicked to chapter 2, it can't. Please help me, if we can't play chapter 2 then I wil uninstall.

  • Neequaye1

    Neequaye1 It's okay I like this game but I've brought more coins and the money has been deducted from my account but not been given to me in-game.