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تعليقات حول SWF Player - Flash File Viewer‏

  • rrwcodskmok

    rrwcodskmok SWF issues It will play my SWF files but it auto plays it. It just moves on to the next scene without me choosing any other options, then at the end it will play the scenes that didn't play... Please fix this, or if any one knows how to fix this please tell me Brilliant

  • oemcqkiumrk

    oemcqkiumrk Simply superb!! You guys have done an excellent job making this cool player. Initially I was disappointed because fault was mine as I was not enabled the Traces for Webfile in my Android's Developer option. After I did this, I don't even want a support of your mouse extension as I can control all the functions on my fingertip. Guys please enable Webfile trace in Developer option and try to play your .swf files using Adobe air and this app. Why this story because, you don't get the free app like this throughout the Web. Just wow

  • atlantean

    atlantean Lack of a keyboard The lack of a keyboard makes games like kombat fighters really hard to play in 2 player mode. Add support for a keyboard. Any default android keyboard will do the job.

  • Erika_Hore

    Erika_Hore Worked well until update Now all of the keys read unknown and when I play smash flash two the standard attack button the A button won't work and its not the swf they should have left it unupdated. If or when this problem can be fixed I will give it the five stars it used to deserve

  • nazali

    nazali Not working Hi thanks for the work. But it doesnt work on my phone. It says I need the air. And it will automatically close.

  • net4rx

    net4rx Works with my fav text base game But whenever I hit the home button, I'm trapped by the apps layout. I get to the home screen but all the buttons of the app prevent me from interacting with my phone.

  • koiojkj

    koiojkj Works on new Phone with sideload Flash. Caution: Takes over Screen and if you have an APP Lock you may not be able to access it (but THIS App still works) leaving other APPs locked out and need to ReBoot. WFM. I can download a .SWF File and this App will attempt to run it. The result is that not all features of the .SWF can be assured to work correctly OR be particularly easy to see and manipulate the (fairly wonderful) Virtual Mouse and mini-Keypad. Additionally any Buttons in the running .SWF File may be hard to poke and not work in any event. That does NOT mean that THIS App (SWF Player) is 'bad', the result is expected; this App needs tiny improvement (offer to install Flash Player and have easy instruct

  • CorrineMcamis

    CorrineMcamis The Best SWF Player so Far I used many apps like this but this one is the best one very fast, well designed interface, great controls.

  • KayleighGarret

    KayleighGarret fix/update it already there's already a working flash plugin(not the stupid air) for kitkat like the dolphin browser, it can play swf files like the ics/jb os times. what i'm just looking now is your mouse and game keys support. please support the flash plugin already not that adobe air.

  • partiesbytin

    partiesbytin Only works woth some flash games. It would be nice if the app could play wider variety of flash games and not crash on so many.

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