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مغامرات جديدة من كيت ووكر!

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الإصدار: 1.0.1
حجم: 5.0M


بعد النجاح الباهر الذي حققه Syberia مع لاعبين في جميع أنحاء العالم، بينوا سوكال يدعوك إلى الغوص مرة أخرى إلى مجنون كيت ووكر الملحمة ...

وبعد أن بحثت أوروبا من الشرق إلى الغرب لالمفترضة الراحل هانز Voralberg، كيت ووكر يتتبع أخيرا مستواه ويحصل له للتوقيع على مصنع إنسان أوراق الاستحواذ.

تمت المهمة؟ ليس لهذا المحامي الشاب نيويورك ...

تشكيل الثنائي المستبعد، كيت ووكر والقديم، غريب الأطوار هانز Voralberg يتم تحديد الآن خارج في رحلة بحثا عن عالم طويلة طي النسيان، موطن آخر من الماموث Syberian الأسطورية. معا، وأنها تأخذ ما يصل السعي من المستحيل أن هانز شرعت لأول مرة على سنوات مضت، يشقون طريقهم من خلال بيئات معادية بشجاعة وتصميم.

رغم كل الصعاب، وباطني Syberia ينتظر وصولهم ...

- الفصل الأخير من القصة الآسرة والأصلية التي أنشأتها بينوا سوكال.
- مغامرة ملحمية على حافة عالم الأحلام والخيال.
- صور مذهلة، العمل المكثف والعاطفة ملموسة في كل تطور والتحول في المباراة.
- وحتى أكثر غرابة وشخصيات مثيرة للاهتمام.
- تسلسل الفيلم أكثر متكررة دمجها في قصة.

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تعليقات حول Syberia 2 (Full)‏

  • eajilzde

    eajilzde It's All About the Story Continuing on from the first one the story is ever as engaging. As a mobile port it isn't perfect. Don't forget scenes can scroll. And the puzzles are harder and not as intuitive as before. In fact the very last puzzle will require a walk through if you don't pay attention. But don't let this stop you from playing. At the end of the day it is the story that shines here. Flawless

  • paulog516

    paulog516 Interesting game Played the whole game in 4 days...very interesting and awestriking..only thing dint like screen remained half in galaxy tab 3..waiting eagerly for 3rd part. Worth a go!

  • brainstatetech

    brainstatetech Stuck on clock part in the dream world I am stuck trying to get the clock to go to 5 star

  • oziomedia

    oziomedia Im stuck Im stuck after I get the gas and push the button for the coal nothing happens and she says somethings wrong with this machine. Can someone help me please? Pretty good

  • OptipOffefs

    OptipOffefs Fairly good Could be one of the best adventure games or with some tweeking. My only real complaint, way too repetitive at times. Talking to the same character 4, 5 times, etc... Other than that, great story and graphics. Some minor glitches while character is walking. Perfect!

  • sxdrgbus

    sxdrgbus Thought it was glitch - but was wrong Good game but it is hard to figure out at a lot of parts. Not because of game play/plot but because the controls don't transfer very well from PC to mobile. It was, overall, the same game I remember from years ago and still interesting. Fabulous!

  • lightofvenus

    lightofvenus Really liked this game had played it before. Had to uninstall as had several glitches, arrow disappearing, not running properly, unable to pick up essential item. Trying to re install and try again will comment again later. Works great

  • hpzykulrsf

    hpzykulrsf Haven't played syberia 1 & 2 since i was a kid. Playing these where ultimate nostalgia and i enjoyed them thoroughly! The game play was smooth with no glitches the puzzles where challenging yet easy to solve, with a beautiful story line. If you get this game you won't be disappointed =) Fantastic

  • wmuflomlbp

    wmuflomlbp Glitched - sorted. Looking at some of the responses below I managed to get past the problem. Combination. Of glitch and my own fault I think. I couldnt use the object and had to start again....but seems to be all sorted. Despite the issues I would still recommend this game. The syberia series is just gorgeous. Think syberia 2 just needs a touch if polishing is all. Highly Recommend.

  • loxflf

    loxflf Short game, bad saves in Port. The game is ok, but short and more linear than the first. The port does not save very well for a smartphone game. It only saves at events you don't even know if they happen or not. So I had to do a lot of repeat play. Surprisingly

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