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Giraffe Games Limited

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الإصدار: 2.1
حجم: 44 MB


Easy and precise controls, Realistic Table Tennis physics, Beautiful 3D graphics and Challenging Opponents make this the Best Table Tennis game for Android! Swipe your finger to hit the ball, it feels like playing real table tennis.
Progress through the stages and become a Table Tennis Champion!

★ Beautiful 3D Graphics
★ Career Mode
★ Mini Games
★ International Table Tennis Tournaments
★ More than 50 different stages
★ Realistic Table Tennis Physics
★ Compete with your Facebook Friends!
★ Have your own table tennis team!

Swipe your finger in a direction you want table tennis ball to go! Timing your swipe is critical for a fast shot that is hard to return. Starting your swipe too early or late will send a slow shot to your opponent which is easy to return.

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  • الجدول بطل التنس APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • الجدول بطل التنس APK contains Facebook sdk - Facebook: This open source Java library allows you to integrate Facebook into your Android application.
  • الجدول بطل التنس APK contains Google Play Games Services sdk - Google Play Games Services: Provides achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and cloud storage.
  • الجدول بطل التنس APK contains Amazon GameCircle sdk - Amazon GameCircle: The Amazon GameCircle SDK offers achievements, leaderboards, and saved game syncing across multiple devices.

تعليقات حول الجدول بطل التنس

  • freergyTymn

    freergyTymn I was cheated 2nd qual round Budapest. About 8 or maybe all 11 points which i lost to opponent were due to "my player did not react, execute, not even move when i made those swings. Prior to that match, i am making good performances. Please check. Disappointed. Been enjoying the game. Great!

  • kundaiholidays

    kundaiholidays Nice Playing it from a couple of years. Satisfied but on very satisfied. It crashes sometimes on my Samsung Galaxy Note 7. When I am in the middle of a match it crashes sometimes which is very irritating. Overall it's an outstanding game and you all should download. Fantastic

  • AccugjutAnage

    AccugjutAnage Ping pong Quite good game... Graphics are good, difficulty in each level is well demarcated. Issue: due to minimal online friends levels cannot be advanced and its very hard to buy new racket/shoes Perfect

  • isonomync

    isonomync Perfect! You know a good game when you play one. And you know a GREAT game when you try one. Just got curious about this app, installed it, tried it right away... Wow times 100! Deserves 10 stars because double the 5 stars satisfaction! Go well

  • omfmar072

    omfmar072 Good fun, no complaints, but not super fun exactly Fun game play, and I for one like the pace of unlocking levels and challenges. Not a home run, but more fun than three stars Fabulous!

  • mich8460

    mich8460 Nice game with simple controls Easy to play. But the sad part is that no too many different moves are there and we cant move the player. Otherwise its a decent game to play Recommend

  • chrisrodriqu37

    chrisrodriqu37 Great game I like the game but for some reason it just lags when I'm playing multiplayer but I sit right next to my Internet router so I don't think it's that so other than that it's a good game, also I would like it if you added some new bats and shoes and levels in it?because I have bought all of them and completed all of the levels already. 5 star

  • joeysawyer922

    joeysawyer922 GREAT GAME!!! Only annoying thing you gotta wait quote a long time to play the next match, but you Can train o re-do matches u already played Worth it!

  • ritaandradee6999

    ritaandradee6999 Great game Great game, not a game that's usually my cup of tea but good graphics, easy controls and highly enjoyable. Would even be happy to pay for this game tbh. Amazing!

  • fabjustinbiebz

    fabjustinbiebz Ping pong Good game and as with all good games it's very addictive. I like that you have to wait for a while before you can play your next match as you can brush up your skills from previous matches by replaying them if you never won convincingly before. Marvelous

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    Giraffe Games Limited
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