Temple Run 2‏

Imangi Studios
تتمة لهذه الظاهرة نجاح كبير التي جرت في العالم من قبل العاصفة!

HotWaffle77Awesome but curious and need fixing Hey Imangi guys, this game is BEYOND amazing, but I have a question: after the time is up for the Blazing Sands, is it gone forever, or can I unlock it with gems? And there is one mistake in this game: when I play as Guy or Barry and I beat my high score, I hear a "wh-hoo" in a man's voice. But when I play as Scarlett, I still hear a "wh-hoo" from a man's voice. AND before Blazing Sands, i heard it from a woman's when I use Scarlett. Please fix this! Omg