Temple Run 2 for Android

Imangi Studios
Temple Run 2 الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • HotWaffle77

    HotWaffle77 Awesome but curious and need fixing Hey Imangi guys, this game is BEYOND amazing, but I have a question: after the time is up for the Blazing Sands, is it gone forever, or can I unlock it with gems? And there is one mistake in this game: when I play as Guy or Barry and I beat my high score, I hear a "wh-hoo" in a man's voice. But when I play as Scarlett, I still hear a "wh-hoo" from a man's voice. AND before Blazing Sands, i heard it from a woman's when I use Scarlett. Please fix this! Omg

  • justrootspr

    justrootspr Incredible 23 days I play one game and that's temple run 2. Played for 23 days unlocked the frozen shadows by collecting gems not buying it. Unlock all the characters except premium characters, upgrade all the abilities, collected all the artifacts, unlock level 11. The only challange remaining is 10 million life time meters. I suggest that you may introduce more level after level 11 and a new area if possible. Played day and night to reach that milestone. Surprisingly

  • hetalparmar

    hetalparmar I love it. The best game i ever played But, the blazing sands and frozen shadows are not working in my phone. (LG E610) they are not supporting in my divice. Please can you all team make error and realise a update by making it Go well

  • jul0027

    jul0027 Only game I play Enjoying the new maps and the new obstacles they include. 1. Why not have a map where the objective is to obtain the idol from inside the temple? 2. Stop giving challenges that are counter-productive. Use 25 save me 's at a minimum cost of 25 gems and get 10 gems back. That's a net loss of 15 gems! Enjoy it!

  • jermibia

    jermibia I might say five stars However, I'm basically stuck without the option for really making progress. I mean, yeah, one day I'll be able to afford to open the frozen shadows level, after collecting 500gems. It took me 4 months of saving gems to reach 160. Should take 12 more months to reach 500. I'd use the gem ability, but you have to be a certain level to unlock it, and i can't level up anymore because my achievements are all for frozen shadows, "score 500,000 on frozen shadow" & "collect all frozen relics" feels boring now Amazing!

  • Katzznz

    Katzznz Overall very cool! Been my #1 time killer for years now. The new frozen landscape is frustrating as all the obstacles are the same color and texture as the background. The dropping apes are nearly impossible to skill your way past rather than luck your way past. Given now the choice of maps I am happy again. The new desert map is quite fun. Flawless

  • quietriches

    quietriches New version wipes your progress - Fixed I updated temple run only for it to delete my entire progress. This is the second time it's happening. - Update, re-installed the app and it no longer starts from the beginning once updated. - UPDATE, I haven't played the game in let's say 2-3 weeks and it has wiped out all my progress. No way can I start from scratch after achieving all objectives with pretty bonuses to top. Great!

  • king2010

    king2010 Marvellous game The game is very addictive. It runs very smoothly on my tab. There are three different maps -sky summit, blazing sands and frozen shadows. But the thing is I am not able to unlock frozen shadows as it needs 500 gems to unlock and I don't have so many. I think they must make it less. Otherwise I really loved the game. It's marvellous. Good

  • johnbb

    johnbb Boring objectives Ultra Marathoner, Infinirunner and Mega Runner, these three objectives are really painful. You have to run 5,000,000 meter for the first. 10,000,000 meter for the second and have to play 1000 times for completing the third objective. Just wow

  • ericbalkan

    ericbalkan Great game! But... My daily challenge progress keeps getting reset. I do my challenges in the morning usually, around 5-7 am. I'll be doing fine for a few days, then I'll complete day 4 or 5 and it sets me back to day one! It's a bit frustrating. If this could somehow, that would be wonderful! Perfect!

  • Edith_Brah

    Edith_Brah Enjoying a lot Very interesting and challenging and I am having fun a lot... I'm very curious to know that what's the level after 12th level.. bcz this no challenges r coming nothing more than tht Worth it!

  • jessebrown

    jessebrown I love Temple Run 2 it was a lot of fun playing it xhilaration the anticipation addiction to the game was all fantastic. Just a few problems I have with the game 1 was the actual animal the demon animal chasing the adventurers. It was pretty scary also the fact that it would eat it when if you fail was kinda no so if you make any more games like a Temple Run 3 please please please don't make a demon monkey armadillo make like evil apple or something like that thank you Worth a go!

  • petershobasky

    petershobasky Great game I love this game, as it's fun to play and gets your brain working. It's quite good that there are multiple ways to earn money and gems, which some games don't have. However, I would say that the loading times could be slightly shorter when the game starts up ( which could just be my phone) and switching worlds and it's quite annoying. This game doesn't need WiFi or data unless you want to purchase something from Google plat. I would say that some things you have to pay for are a bit too expensive for a game Perfect

  • naureen

    naureen Fun time sink Enjoyable but some annoying glitches. Daily challenge sometimes will reset back to 0. I finished the challenge and my last 8 days went away and it says 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds and not counting down to the next challenge and says today. wow lol

  • MarkOttobre

    MarkOttobre This got better I didn't play this game got a long time but, man this Temple Run 2 got much better and it's fun too. The artifacts are complicated to get but I won't give up. I remember Temple Run 2 was good/plain, but boy oh boy it got fun, lol. New areas, outfits for players, etc. Perfect

  • breaguedrurce

    breaguedrurce Right some fixes, all my game data and characters restored good. Bad news all my coin and gems reset to zero! Still will not sync with Google play, apart from all that it's great! Please fix ASAP. Good

  • ykclfiwpu

    ykclfiwpu Really Fun! This game is very addicting but moderately difficult. You have to have quick responses with good hand and eye coordination. The graphics are incredible and even better is that if you have a pair of high quality earbuds with a power amp, the music and sound effects are amazing! A-1+ Worth it!

  • auzsch

    auzsch The least best game I liked the because I didn't see the new Map. But it was still fun enough. I played this game long time ago but still got excited you know yeah ehmmm... it was very good I mean it wasn't really the best game but still good haha ok I stopped recording. Not bad

  • socialnet

    socialnet Always Loved This Game. I love this game. It's so fun. It's better than the regular temple run 2. I like how Blazing sands has different obstacles and new things to collect during your run. It's just super fun I don't know what else to say. There have been so many temple runs made all with different themes but this is definitely one of the best! Brilliant

  • newdayrising

    newdayrising Tainted love I love this game, BUT I have spent hours playing this game and still havent reached 100 gems and you need 500 to unlock the next place on the map. Its nearly impossible to get that many wothout purchasing some with real money from the online store. Worth it!