Temple Run‏ for Android

Imangi Studios
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  • GamezMentor

    GamezMentor Great Could u add an option of using a gem or some power up to use soon after death as in temple run 2?? If so, that would be great. Because we only have to depend on the power up that was only activated while alive:/ if wasn't activated any power up.. U r gone :-/ . And v can't activate another invincibility till we cover 500 more meters after one is finished..If updated with this, 5 stars for sure.. I just love this game than the version 2.. Y u guys have given up with the development of this?? IDK Highly Recommend.

  • ggeett12

    ggeett12 Great game!! I love this game. I play it everywhere the only problem I have is that the motions of the player in the car doesn't go so well. Money in this game takes a little while to get, but I love playing this game when I'm done with homework, chores, especially when I'm relaxing on the couch. The game doesn't take Internet unless you need to go to the store. Flawless

  • geraldber

    geraldber The likes and dislikes Works great

  • michaeltryet

    michaeltryet The likes and dislikes Works perfectly

  • andrewbond80

    andrewbond80 I heart temple run!! Temple run is my favorite game because it's so fast paced. One second you jump, the next second you dodge. You never know what to expect. --Recommendation-- This game is for people who are good screen swipers... ;) (winkey face) Perfect!

  • didney65

    didney65 The likes and dislikes Works perfectly

  • aryalalex

    aryalalex AWESOME Fun & Challenging I absolutely love both this and temple run 2. They both are a blast to play - I'll limit myself to just a few runs, but always continue to play until I've won that level or obtained a goal. This game is hard to stop playing. LOVE IT! Despicable Me is another game you'll want to try if you like Temple Run & TR2. Great!

  • jimvinson

    jimvinson Awesome time passer I love that it doesn't require Internet connection. It's prefect to help pass the time if you're waiting for anything or on a short break at work. . Bored! The goals are fairly attainable and there are quite a few so it makes it interesting. Top notch Great job

  • bretlaia552

    bretlaia552 The likes and dislikes Must have

  • sendjerseys

    sendjerseys Temple run/2 I love this game soo soo much, but when you die you start again, why can't you add levels too make it more of a challenge for every one who plays this game. Also I really enjoy playing this game soo soo much. but you do need to change a few things.and I think you could add more themes instead of winter and summer like you could add rainy weather or something. x☺☺ Muito bom!

  • dwikis

    dwikis Love the game but...... I have switched phones several times and always LOSE MY DATA even though I've purchased items for this game! Needs the option of creating a user name so my progress isn't destroyed when I switch phones. I would also like to see an end to levels.....with rewards given for the ends.. Well done!!

  • Smekwessamn

    Smekwessamn Best Temple Run 1 and 2 are some of the best games I have ever played. I will play for hours. I was actually introduced to Temple Run by a 2 year old, and MAN was he good! He got high score like 7272,992 stuff! Anyways... I totally recommend that u play this game! Must have

  • charlieb1

    charlieb1 The likes and dislikes Pretty good

  • ssmedia

    ssmedia The likes and dislikes Just wow

  • Jamcafe

    Jamcafe Good app I have played this game since it came out. I enjoy it a lot. I do think temple run 2 is better and more challenging and I like that. I gave it 4 stars because the 2nd one is a little better I think. I recommend this app a lot. It gives you a ton of entertainment and even more entertainment with temple run 2 also. This is NOT a waste of time at all. It is free so GET THE APP!!!!! :):):) Awesome

  • web2smsdir

    web2smsdir WHY IS THIS GAME SO ADDICTIVE!? I installed this with quite a bit of skepticism. But when I played, I couldn't put it down for hours at a pop, the simple design and beautifully made 3D models and cartoony style makes the whole game pop, imagy studios, take a bow. You deserve it. Enjoy it!

  • superdubaus

    superdubaus The likes and dislikes 5 star

  • greatterrakomp

    greatterrakomp Addicted This one's actually harder to conquer than the 2nd one. Almost wish it had gems to collect too, but enjoying the challenge all the same Works great

  • Ben3459

    Ben3459 The likes and dislikes Fabulous!

  • Radio1

    Radio1 The likes and dislikes Good