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هذا هو غير رسمي مشروع محاكاة على أساس البطاقات من FUT 16.

( 44,689 )
الإصدار: 5.1
حجم: 12M


هذا التطبيق يسمح لك لمحاكاة مسودات كأنك في FUT 16 مجانا.
وهذا يشمل iMotm الجديدة، TOTS، والمواد المنقولة. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول The FUT 16 Draft Simulator

  • xcfykgvpz

    xcfykgvpz Good but pictures It's good but I'm begging for you'll to please get the pictures of the players in the cards to fill the dark space as the illegal fut draft simulator from before that was shut down. I would enjoy it much better with the pictures and not a dark space that makes the card look empty Marvelous

  • krankoru

    krankoru I love it BUT SOMETIMES WHEN I WIN ALL MATCHES AND I GET MY PRIZE THE GAME DAYS "Unfortunately the game stopped working please try again later" AND I LOSE ALL MY RARE GOLD PLAYER PACK. Works great

  • gameyea

    gameyea It gliches Every time i play it and close the app then the 2nd time i open it since i have downloaded it wont open the fut draft and i have to install and uninstall every time i play it. Go well

  • clonCoft

    clonCoft Packs The fut draft is so good but I can't redeem my pack at the end it just gets out of the app for me. Help... Amazing!

  • nitrostartuper

    nitrostartuper Great game I love playing the draft and I think this is the BEST unofficial copy, but the faces aren't coming up. On any card, there aren't any faces at all. Even in Squad Builder or Generator. Please fix, otherwise everything else in this game is perfect! Must have

  • Mcgvuwhswg

    Mcgvuwhswg AMAZING but... Love this SO much but it keeps crashing when I try to open my saved drafts, saved squads, my players and when I try to build a draft. Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars. Works perfectly

  • jhubbell

    jhubbell Awesome but ... You can play with your team and open packs this is so awesome when u finished your draft push sim draft then push it again when it shows your ratings then u do a whole tornement but I keep on having to reinstall it because it says lost connection everytime I do a new draft Good

  • DrVaillancourt

    DrVaillancourt My review I think it is my favourite game ever because you don't just have to make fut starts you also get to open packs. I think the game will be better if it actually linked to your ea account Omg

  • Serge24

    Serge24 Good game It is a good game but there are some issues. I can't make subs so if my starting lineup is bad then that's it. Surprisingly

  • saqnishwhite

    saqnishwhite Amazing but No player card has its face. They are all just blacked out pictures. Other than that Great app Superb!

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