ملك البلياردو for Android

البلياردو حيث يمكنك التمتع خدعة النار و 8 الكرة!
  • yetitrailadventure

    yetitrailadventure اللعبة جمسلة اوووي بس انا في المستوي ١٥١ مش عارف اعدية عشان صعب جدا يرجي تسهيلها قليلا وشكراا

  • dennis101

    dennis101 روعه روعه روعه روعه روعه ممكن اتعرف علي الاصدقاء

  • infiniteitmarketing

    infiniteitmarketing لعبة جيدة ولكن يوجد فيها خطأ كبير في الحماية اختراق اللاعبين و حساباتهم .. ارجوا حل المشكلة و سحقا لكم

  • rolexreplica

    rolexreplica لعبة روعة وجميلة جدا جدا والمراحل سهلة والدور الوانها واضحة

  • seancassidy

    seancassidy Needs Chat! More people would play this with other friends if only they could chat on the game Works great

  • afrique

    afrique Ads keep popping up during multiplayer and it forfits my game please fix... FIXED Awesome

  • jjfnvzxcokt

    jjfnvzxcokt Big game Indeed i love it,it's soo much easy to use..the problem is too many ads I keep losing Cool

  • abbabbb

    abbabbb Fun game Finished with all 700 levels, some were really hard, but I like the fact that one can finish the game without buying stuff - It is harder that way, but possible, so this game really is freemium.All in all, fun game.Maybe a bit too many ads, though. Just wow

  • Womensnetnet

    Womensnetnet Great Pool Game BUT!!! Runs Great. But I would like to see communication added even if just a text display. So you could wish ur opponent good luck or good game. Perfect

  • brandaez81

    brandaez81 Cool Its a cool game but im stuck at level 8 i cant get the 2 balls in with 2 shots its impossible. But its a fun game. Surprisingly

  • ChantlerSoulBack

    ChantlerSoulBack Very good one. Practice makes perfect. Then the question that comes is what to practice to develop the required skills. This app gives you over hundred of tough situations to crack giving you a great simulation and triggers the effects that shoud be used. A very very very nice one for those who want to develop skills. Well done!!

  • OtheshyfetRot

    OtheshyfetRot Big game Indeed i love it,it's soo much easy to n a good game to pass out your time with Perfect!

  • indicthreads

    indicthreads This game is the closest to yahoo pool that I've played. Those who enjoyed the defunct yahoo pool will love this. Marvelous

  • mkxqlulkchh

    mkxqlulkchh Lvl 562 Put the spin north-east with 80-100% power. Pure luck. Prolly took 100-200 attempts. Good luck. Enjoy it!

  • tjgsxqahos

    tjgsxqahos Very great but... I love this game it's straight to the point would give five stars if there was real time chatting with opponents when playing in multi player some opponents are just worth it Omg

  • ArrowCapital

    ArrowCapital It's fun Could be better if they allowed you to line up the shots without taking the shot simultaneously. Assuming that's not what they intended. Flawless

  • eniznlea

    eniznlea This game sucks Sat right by the WiFi portal and the game said that WiFi is unstable or there is no WiFi! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Muito bom!

  • njorbz

    njorbz The king of pool billiards The game is the one pool game I enjoy the most! And I've played most of them a!!! Recommend

  • xpisjlz

    xpisjlz King of pool billards Good game but let down by it wanting to sell to you so you have to close the game for a few hours, it has in game advertising so why spoil it, it will put me off future game from this publisher. Fabulous!

  • mariaangelozzi

    mariaangelozzi Loving it! Great game! I can see why the complaints about 562 though. It can be done. I need new levels now at 600!! I'm slightly disappointed that the 'new' 100 levels (600-700) largely mirror the 500-600 levels. Those complaining about 562... is another the exact Just wow