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حماية البيانات الموجودة على الهاتف المحمول الخاص بك الروبوت مع هذا مجانا فيروس الماسح الضوئي التطبيق. كاسبيرسكي التهديد مسح يحمي بنك خاص المعلومات والاتصالات والرسائل والصور.

✔ حماية البيانات
منع المعلومات المعلومات والحسابات المصرفية الخاصة من السرقة
✔ كشف التطبيق
تحديد ما إذا كان هناك أي تطبيقات التي يتم استغلال جهازك إلى الضعف على نطاق واسع
✔ اختبار وجود ثغرات أمنية
اختبار الهاتف لمعرفة ما اذا كان محمي من نقاط الضعف في تحديث البرنامج أحدث من هاتفك
✔ ترقية مجانية
تحسين بك الروبوت الفيروسات وحماية من الهجمات الإلكترونية عن طريق الترقية إلى كاسبرسكي لأمن الإنترنت لالروبوت

زيارة لمعرفة المزيد عن كاسبرسكي لاب التطبيقات الأمنية المتنقلة الأخرى!
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تعليقات حول Threat Scan

  • formgo234

    formgo234 doesn't tell you exactly which app or what.only tells you have a threat,fake id,etc. Works perfectly

  • cbbpromo

    cbbpromo at all the guys who think that "something" means "nothing": dear people, the work that some do is not "nothing", it is something!..about the rest, if you have some problem or vulnerabilities on your devices, YOU should do something to fix, and tools to fix are not missing at all.. my device seems to be ok, I have the kaspersky antivirus free version after had it premium for one year, and then reading others, the function that is very useful would be, in case any problem is found, to have a button that suggest what is the source of the problem or at least the possible solution. I am just disapponted because during the "premium period" happened that arrived a text message that have enabled in some way a subscription to a game service called "" but KASPERSKY PREMIUM ANTIVIRUS did NOTHING! many cases it depends on ourself, form our behaviour, but in my case it has been some very good script malware...They took WITHOUT my consent 3 €.! after two weeks of complains I had 5 €. refound! Highly Recommend.

  • bmcdermott

    bmcdermott Very useful It only needs a button that shows what to do about the vulnerabilities found. In my case was changing my browser. Worth a go!

  • janavdm

    janavdm This app seems to do nothing but i used on my last phone a mpie from china kept saying fake id could not get rid of it on this phone galaxy s6 edge plus performs seamless and works well with kerpersky internet security i take my comments back well done perfect thank you Fabulous!

  • zurobeauty

    zurobeauty Great Great app but was just wondering wether it detects stagefright vulnerabilities or wether I need to download another app for this. Thanks :) Perfect

  • Obxqmtzorsjbq

    Obxqmtzorsjbq fast & simple -> profit Recommend to friens button works wrong for fb: no info is proposed to post, no link to the product attached Fantastic

  • Attention

    Attention !!! You don't need my rating, but I must point out that you guys create the best FREE tools out there... the ones for Windows are ones I use all the time. I urge you guys to make more of these tools, but for Android. We all know Android is still a vulnerable OS... Omg

  • seakassonge

    seakassonge Paid version is of course better I use the paid version of this app that provides real time protection around the clock.

  • NameStall

    NameStall Doesn't find these vulnerabilities Linux futex, object input stream serialization, settings pending intent, graphics buffer overflow, Android installer hijacking, stage fright, conscrypt serialization, sim command interception, sim notification bypass

  • MMedia209

    MMedia209 Good enough It's compact and unobtrusive, does what it says it's going to and nothing else. I realize this sounds like I'm damning it with faint praise, but hey, I like things that just work.

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