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يلتقط الشاشة عن طريق اللمس.
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 · تسجيل مرئي علي الشاشة. ضبط جودة قياسية.
 · صورة تحرير، حصة
 · توفير سهلة شاشة التعليمات.

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تعليقات حول Touchshot (Screenshot)‏

  • webaddiction

    webaddiction Wonderful screen capturing app. This is exactly what I was looking for. No messing around with rooting, pressing power buttons, volume buttons or home buttons. All you do is start up this app and touch your screen to make the screenshot. Can it get any easier or better than that? By far, your screenshot application is the best I've come across and I've pretty much tried them all. Excellent job. Thanks. ^_^ Perfect

  • SujaySingh

    SujaySingh Help??!! It worked great for two days. Now whenever I try to take a screenshot a blank picture is saved in my gallery and after 2-3 tried I could only take a snap. Pretty good

  • Darren123

    Darren123 Great! Awesome app :) Does the job perfectly. I like the video recording option a lot! I would appreciate if you guys can add a clipboard in this :) it would help a lot! Thank you. Worth it!

  • jrossiconstruction1

    jrossiconstruction1 Little blurry but ok This was a good app. When it take the pictures, they are kinda blurry but the other apps are crap, so I'm ok with it. love it

  • randelljeffries

    randelljeffries Great app. Sometimes my vol-down + power button way doesn't work. It'd be great if it could be tweaked so it doesn't tell people on Snapchat that you've screenshotted their snap. Great job

  • eduservbackg

    eduservbackg Thanks a lot! Works like a charm on my nexus 6 (M). Thank you so much. Now my volume and power buttons can take a rest :D Great!

  • eryclesmory

    eryclesmory Deserves 5 stars and 10/10 Had been looking for this kind of app for so long but mostly apps worked on root. This one is so convenient. Good

  • srkadvisory

    srkadvisory No need to use hardware buttons No need to use any hardware buttons, it makes use of screen cast functionality, Excellent, this is what I was looking for. Enjoy it!

  • acls955

    acls955 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My volume down and power buttons would no longer take screnshots for me. I take them often for my business. I tried SEVERAL other apps, and this is the first that worked! Definitely NOT a bogus app! Fantastic

  • info_bluz

    info_bluz Vivo Y31L User I really loved this application and easy to use since my screenshot build in my phone cannot be used anymore due to undetectable reasons. Works perfectly

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