Toy Defence 2 — Tower Defense game‏ for Android

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  • PianoYogaBySonny

    PianoYogaBySonny Good Good game.... Great pass time.... Only issue is while in the arena my hedgehogs will not deploy for some reason.... Otherwise great game Worth a go!

  • Placemaking

    Placemaking Okay now. Update stop prematurely. I tried restarting everything and clearing cache :(. Otherwise good game. After uninstalling to try reinstalling, game would not install. Edit: game has been fixed and installed. I can play again. I will upgrade rating if it's smooth. Perfect!

  • JallToosy

    JallToosy Very addictive game Love the game itself but the ad video rewards only work half the time. It really slows down the progress. Fabulous!

  • Enginywrongic

    Enginywrongic Great game Very very hard after level 10 on all the missions ..but can be done without spending money ...eventually. Marvelous

  • chem61210

    chem61210 Fun but The interceptor glitches and won't work about 1 out of 4 times. That's pretty annoying to say the least. Highly Recommend.

  • vnaavuhdxv

    vnaavuhdxv Balanced game in single player For once a balanced game that you don't have to spend money on. I watch the extra video ads after each mission and that paired with the free daily bonuses give you all the stars and "m" you need. Fun to grind missions for army xp as well. Enjoy it!

  • shegotmail

    shegotmail Badd A game! Great graphics, great difficulty progression. The only thing stoopping five stars for me is lack of unit diversity and unit level up is to drawn out. The difficulty and unit levels should coincide more evenly. Brilliant

  • merlisa

    merlisa Free, but... Only been playing for a week and I already feel the "pay to win" mentality behind the game. My troops are extremely behind on upgrades, and replaying previous missions gets you nothing, so the only way to catch up is to buy in game money with real money or just pile up daily shipments for a week until I can afford one upgrade. Works great

  • ksdupbc

    ksdupbc Its like playing with army men when you were a little kid without being outside in the dirt Muito bom!

  • spindiminny

    spindiminny This game is awesome. Just wish it would link to my new phone like it's supposed to... keeps giving me an error so I and to start all over:( Muito bom!

  • javieroniel

    javieroniel Been playing for many days Liking it! The levels start getting challenging very quickly. Very unique game. Good strategy game. Flawless

  • bibo_1

    bibo_1 Addictive! Well made, keeps you entertained, involving, and it doesn't get redundant. Super in depth and it keeps challenging you with every level Marvelous

  • bosmantrade

    bosmantrade Toy defence 2. Ok so this is a fun game not over complicated. The online or pvp is kind of jacked. People you dont play give you losses. Clearly its not set up well enough for fair gaming considering the top spot is clearly hacked Great!


    PRIONNATRON Most addictive game I've played! This game is great on various levels. The game play itself is very addicting, the unit upgrade system makes you want to keep coming back, and the fact their are 3 different factions you can play as with various missions for each (at least 30 per faction) I'll continue to keep playing this for a while. If it's not already in the works, please put a 3rd installment in the plans! Fantastic

  • Emantras123

    Emantras123 Pretty awesome so far It's pretty good a lot of ads but plenty of ways to get premium currency for free also Brilliant

  • ddanuser

    ddanuser Video rewards are almost impossible to get. Rewards fail to connect to server 19 out of 20 times. But hammers the crap out of data connection for the privilege of getting absolutely nothing in rewards. And to be honest, the Daily rewards are pretty poor too. Well done!!

  • nickma

    nickma Fun and challenging game. People are saying you have to spend real money to compete and that's not true. Some levels you can't get three stars right away, but you can come back and get them. Amazing!

  • tomakm

    tomakm Tower defense. Quite an engaging game. After a certain point, the levels are unplayable without extra help from the arsenal, which requires real life currency, or if one could wait for a week for the daily supply crate. The lower levels, at least in Operation Crusader, should be made easier. Worth a go!

  • sdtinting

    sdtinting great but this game is very hard, interesting and challenging but sometimes when i am fighting in arena , the game crashes and a box appears saying unfortunetly toy defence has stopped working and i lose my match my phone is samsung on7 Worth a go!

  • rajeshbirana

    rajeshbirana Intense and a really good game but .. I am addicted to the game in a way , haha. Im beast at the game but i try and clicking on tournament or ARENA and it doesnt let me fight.i was guessing maybe j need to play more levels but im pretty far . And still no access. I hope you guys cant help me out Highly Recommend.