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  • Almoreorp

    Almoreorp It's good but have some major bug .... I has many major there is no penalty shoot out when tie. Another one is about goal. Goal keeper is on other side and ball in on other side yet it save goal. It has no option for team create...!! make all this clear soon... Works perfectly

  • karinasinclair


  • csgiftshop7

    csgiftshop7 Football or soccer I think this is what they call soccer it's an American concept game which isnt bad but I still prefer football and gameplay is very poor other than that it's ok Superb!

  • bamboo

    bamboo You have put in a lot of things in a small box&lt;3 Kudos though its a bit repetitive... Would love it even more if there were levels going up in the course of the tournament... But all in all... Good job Well done!!

  • Dorisking3

    Dorisking3 Changes are needed Good graphics,game is nice but only thing is that only shooting and passing , sliding tackle is not required .. Many more things have to be included... Otherwise it was awesome and easy Pretty good

  • maanjony

    maanjony Good realism, but... This game needs some crowds chanting & horns during gameplay! Even the lone punting sound is awful. And I don't know what people are talking about with it being too easy, my players are so slow I can't even get near the net to attempt a goal!? Great!

  • VagoescoseGot

    VagoescoseGot Major Spelling Error You spelled "Colombia" incorrectly. Colombia is the country. Columbia is the name of multiple cities. Please change Columbia to Colombia and I will rate 5 stars. Fabulous!

  • fieltantisils

    fieltantisils Good game I cannot figure out how to change my starting lineup. I cannot reset the tutorial. Shame because this is a good game. It is just lacking in other areas. I would appreciate it if someone would tell me how though because I have the same lineup since day 1.. please do Awesome

  • objessdossy

    objessdossy Awesome Best game i had seen . it is better than fifa 15 ultimate team but please update fast run also download fast . Enjoy it!

  • Wrorhoolo

    Wrorhoolo Ultimate soccer is awesome some people should play it Ultimate soldiers like the part where you focus and everything like you know things strategy like this could actually happen in the real game and those that think that you learn in order to make sure you will use it an actual field Marvelous

  • keneboync

    keneboync AWESOME It's the best game ever well not the best but the best football game ever created and nothing can ever be better than this football game (rate 5 really apreshiaded Must have

  • wodqlan

    wodqlan Good game but humble graphics Liked it but the following concerns to give 5 stars. 1. No tactics change in the match.. 2. No indicator if yellow or red card.. and since no tactics change available, it gets tricky.. 3. Limited number of players on the squad. Well done!!

  • chyflpbflr

    chyflpbflr Solid game but the ff can be improved: Your teammates dont block anything but just watch the ball pass them by and are in the wrong positions when u switch. Or u switch to a player further along as oppose to the one closest the ball. Also, passing short distances is terrible as the receipient will turn and stop the ball from moving. Now that is fine and well but when the opposing team was chasing the passer...forget about it. They'll steal it everytime. Goalie&corner kicks are...confusing. do i have cntrl? Marvelous

  • yjjdpozthsr

    yjjdpozthsr Nice but.. The game is enjoyable, but certainly not the best soccer game. What i thought was weird was that tackling is mostly through sliding. And the player selection mechanism is terrible too. Even then the game provides a fair challenge i guess and is ok. Flawless

  • cheapestwowgoldetg

    cheapestwowgoldetg The game is good but..... Always, in a real stadium, people cheer all the time. But here only when we score goals and also at the beginning Pretty good

  • vqcbxjgaen

    vqcbxjgaen 4* Why I don't hv controls of goal keeping & there are no players like Messi Ronaldo etc. But the game is good Cool

  • lailai031

    lailai031 Nice game !! I thought it needs internet after seeing that it was just 14 mb but after downloading it was almost similiar to fifa 15 without any internet connection needed Perfect!

  • Peelrydem

    Peelrydem It's quite good and o play. Audience Cheer up sound should be there and graphics can be more improve...all n all good efforts... Just wow

  • ymtoolbox

    ymtoolbox 3 issues resist me to give 5 stars Please fix 3 issues.... 1. Give more control on corner kicks. 2. Give more control on penalty kicks. 3. Sometimes ball crosses the goal line but still it is not considered as goal... please fix this issues.. then it will be the best football game I have ever played in mobiles... Muito bom!

  • ccs_bwc

    ccs_bwc Liked it very much. But some improvements required, wen we hit with a pass, by no means we can't switch to d player who has hit it. Sometimes in mis hits, another player from far has to come in. Goal keeper maneuvering is not in control. Brilliant