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  • ThePlayground

    ThePlayground Awesome as CRAP This game is amazing, and I suggest this to all soccer lovers. I personally don't like REAL LIFE soccer, but I LOVE this game! Works perfectly

  • jakebell1114

    jakebell1114 Greats game The game is fun but we can't do any tricks around the players also we can't play online and make teams up like in fifa 15 Amazing!

  • gyghmqd

    gyghmqd The best soccer game THE WAY YOU PLAY THIS GAME IS THE TRUTH .Passing how the players on the field kick the soccer ball around and run down field this is the bast soccer game love it

  • zzotnfevzoll

    zzotnfevzoll i like it can you make new vision and i want the new version same as the preview that you show at here . i want it to be the best game . and i will recomend it to my friend because it was so bestttt Brilliant

  • omarrichards615

    omarrichards615 Its good We can't tackle and we have no control over the goalkeeper,else everything is good Perfect!

  • magnaplumbing

    magnaplumbing GREAT GAME This is a very good game to kill time, especially when you're so bored of watching television and eating. Anyway, I'm soccer player and also a fan of the game. I currently have about 350,000 points from playing within the past 6 months. I love the game guys, and great job. Worth a go!

  • naltrexoneonline

    naltrexoneonline Poty game Not good apsolutely bakwas thuke ge log do some better stupid now go washroom do whatever u want to do Works perfectly

  • rczyvmbba

    rczyvmbba Would give this 5star if the following changes where made to the next upgrade 1. In game substitution should have an instant effect rather than waiting till the next match 2. There should be scorers and assist chart 3. Direct free kicks should be added 4. More competition and the career mode supposed to be home and away games 5. Goal keeper has a lot of issues please fix him and he too should be allowed to use his legs other than when playing goal kicks other than this the game is fantastic... Go well

  • dtkxubs

    dtkxubs Ok it is an good game but they one thing i have to say it is not real football like you can't play with messi or ronaldo or hazard nope!! you might have to do something i don't know but it is a good game x2 Awesome

  • fhhgam

    fhhgam It's good I installed this game to preview FIFA. I thought that it was a copy but its good and better .I request them to change madraid clowns to madraid kings. Please,I beg u and please stop advertising your games in their uniforms. Thank u. Perfect

  • kdlizbmji

    kdlizbmji Ok They move to slowly there should be a update so they can move faster if there's an update I'd rate it 5 stars Pretty good

  • iypatol

    iypatol A nice game,but...Lack some features The players ain't real. No features like 'auto attack ',no jubilations,no 'highest goal scorer' rank and replays. Fix and get ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great!

  • ngvzok

    ngvzok It's very easy It's good small game for soccer but there are few bugs which i dont understand end up making self goal couple of times. Also add online mode. Add DIFFICULT mode i have won wc & League 6-7 times each. Now a days I don't Even need to upgrade my players over 50 still i'm winning leagues & every match. Works great

  • mkkbncxtex

    mkkbncxtex Good but need improvment Give feature like replay after goal chearing movement after win and improve game graphic i have to say that graphic quality was very poor Fabulous!

  • munika

    munika They game hangs a lot especially when a player is taking the ball from computer. Aldo the computer plays too fast and it is difficult to cope by manually switching players. Sometimes the switch comes late and sometimes it gives switch to a player far away. They computer players run fast for long distances but my players get tired after a short run and easily dispossessed. In career mode once a team is chosen i don't know how to change it. Muito bom!

  • pallavi11

    pallavi11 Nice and easy! I liked the app. It is nice and easy. But, it will be good to have few more tournaments in the club as well as country level and different levels of controls like easy, medium and difficult. Current controls are bit easy. Marvelous

  • JhonCorner

    JhonCorner Best game I should my friend he yold ypu got fifa 15 but it can't work on my phone then i told its not fifa but graphics like fifa in less mb Superb!

  • halekenergya

    halekenergya Its so gooood I enjoy it but other people say its bad and hate the game but its good as it is o and pleas make them run a bit fast plz thanks. Great job

  • janiceponcetta03

    janiceponcetta03 The best game in my life The game is very awesome and tricky. And I love the options friendly, carrer and world cup.I like the team madrid crown in friendly and carrer.I like the team Portuagul in world cup.Thats why I like the game wow lol

  • provideomar

    provideomar Awesome!"!!! I love this game so much everythings perfect just one small thing u guys should put really teams like Barcelona and others Must have