Ultimate Soccer - Football‏ for Android

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  • assubsscers

    assubsscers Fake Game This a fake game of a football in this game there is no commentry also and the people in this game just like statue as they r doing something like yoga at the end i want say that this game is fake fake fake fake ..... !!!!! Perfect!

  • partha360

    partha360 It is a very nice game. But if there is a opportunitie to get point back (sale time) when selling a player then it would be better. Thanks this team Fantastic

  • brewesseli

    brewesseli Lovely game Game is awesome!! Easy to play and score a goal.. Graphics are superb... But I want that replays and commentary should be introduced.. Then the game will rock.... Perfect!

  • candra_sekar

    candra_sekar Fun football ⚽ Very nice graphic & smooth animation on my low-end phone. I like this game better than FTS because it is easier to play. My suggestion to developers: needs more options ie. goal-to-goal camera view, short pass & long pass, and pressure tackle besides slide tackle. Well done!!

  • isaacvalenzu38

    isaacvalenzu38 Soccer I really enjoy the game. It is very entertaining. Unfortunately there are some bugs in this game. Sometimes the game will freeze. You can pnly move the players but that is it. Please check this... Surprisingly

  • kbdwge

    kbdwge Good game with many problems... 1) first and the most imp why I can't score in the last 10 mins if I am behind. No matter how many shots I tried their gk always somehow stops the ball going in the net..2) why not a push from behind is a foul 3).. more teams required. 4) gk levels must raise down a little bit.. Well done!!

  • acawsORatsWar

    acawsORatsWar Tricky at first Initially I found the "career" games OK, but after a few you suddenly find opposition players out running you by a mile. The only way to improve your team is by training and trading. Initially that is next to impossible, but coins and points can be earned by playing the world cup tournament lots of times. Those teams seem too match your own team's ability, making it a much fairer contest. Perfect!

  • ReotoCott

    ReotoCott Great At first I thought that the game was poor in control & less interesting. But now I think this game is the best soccer game which is worth playing & takes only a small amount of memory.The best part is that we get points after winning.The game is soo user friendly. Brilliant

  • FrankEEGrubich

    FrankEEGrubich Good A lovely and attractive game ......takes a little space and good graphics but there is no sprint option to run fast that's a problem.....plzzz add easy or hard mode options love it

  • loazytomsyday

    loazytomsyday Very good soccer game. Impressive. Easy to get a use to. I like how you can train the players. Good controls that don't seem to ware out my touch screen. An Update to improve season mode would help a lot. Cool

  • rwksebcegg

    rwksebcegg It's really a good game for 15MB. It's true that there are no new teams as others comment, but you have enough teams! This game cannot be compared with games with high graphics or more features. It is one of its kind and I loved it. In fact I got addicted to it a little. Anyway, Good job! Works great

  • PatienceFedosick

    PatienceFedosick Nice game easy to play more good than FIFA 15 and dream league soccer these both games FIFA and dream league soccer is worst than this game .FIFA phaltu Fantastic

  • nakedbinder

    nakedbinder A good time killer. Simple gameplay. Simple functions. Simple buttons. Accurate with its small size. Pretty good

  • NagDragreeVuh

    NagDragreeVuh Good graphics, nice and simple gameplay I was using real football 2015. This game is better surely. This game has better gameplay, better graphics and I enjoyed playing it. 5 stars Just wow

  • winkler

    winkler Awesome... me n my son keep fighting to play this game.. We are having great time playing this game.. super fun.. Highly Recommend.

  • welpmypency

    welpmypency Quite fun I like the game it is so easy to score that's why it is fun you could score sometimes from your side the only problem is that the controller is hard to pass and when you pass it takes a few seconds and if a opposite player is close he takes it easily that's the annoying thing everything else is fine I'm going to give if a 4 star make the passing easier then people will give it a 5 star same as me it would be excellent Enjoy it!

  • oggy13

    oggy13 Good game in small thing..... Love it....make it harder.....its very easy to win each and every make it difficult Muito bom!

  • Vkohukqbrppxo

    Vkohukqbrppxo Love it It is a beautifull game.good graphics.Easy to play.everything is accurate.everyone should download will enjoy it.and if graphics are improved it is a superb game Good

  • matthewthms62

    matthewthms62 Prateek I giving five star because if u playing this game in a smart phone on that condition. The grafics of this game is not good. But if u having anroid phone so this game is good for u

  • mindgenies6

    mindgenies6 I loved it It is a nice game i played it. It's a good game selecting team's of contry and t shirts with many players in the game it impressedme I gave 5 stars for it because I loved it. It's really a nice game and so I gave 5 stars for it