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  • deweydoes

    deweydoes Problem Why cant u sprint or select any player while in defence mode? Secondly i have to start over the match if i come off the game. Get a auto pause installed or something. Loved it at first until its started to glitch and the opponents are too fast to tackle when they have the ball

  • lwyermeds

    lwyermeds Jeenendra jain. It was very nyc app...i really really enjeoyed everytym it's same...nothing got new in this app...Same things everytym this nothing...nothing creative in this app....otherwise it would be grt app....and yes .there is no new stadiums...everytime ..the game played at same stadium

  • culbert8berwick

    culbert8berwick Amazing. Doesn't take up much space, has versions of many well known teams and is really fun. Doesn't have those annoying ads either.

  • Jorgeburton

    Jorgeburton Average The opponents goalie comes out of his box to take a free kick. And sometimes when the ball crosses the goal line it is not awarded a goal. But overall a nice time pass.

  • eryngeasype

    eryngeasype It's okay! Mouse Games i like sports game but i can't wait for you guys too do a Basketball game. I would give a 5 Fabulous!

  • joachim12

    joachim12 Great Game, but add a difficulty. This is game is absolutely fun and addicting its like FIFA 15 but a low budget version of it or lite version... one thing I'll request is you add a difficulty level, because the game's difficulty is set or is like on very easy mode.... I can reach to a score of 11-0 in less than 5 mins.... please add a difficulty level and 5 stars... Goodluck.

  • daryldigout

    daryldigout Good game It's a very good game, easy to download and easy to play graphics were good totally it is fantastic go for it download it......

  • nyxpublishing

    nyxpublishing ultimate best booooooommmmmm!!!! what a game ........... not a single complain.... doesn't hang easy control and mostly love the penalties and long shots ...."maan gaye guru "

  • tams2007

    tams2007 Addicted to it Amazing game first I got problems with tackling then I understood pretty good game

  • floutouby

    floutouby Best football game downloaded ever ! I'm addicted to this master piece football game .Graphics,control and every other thing is superb . If it had an option to rate 100000000 stars , I could rate it .Game creator is LEGENDARY! .. Just wow

  • mc070404442

    mc070404442 Best football game downloaded ever ! I'm addicted to this master piece football game .Graphics,control and every other thing is superb . If it had an option to rate 100000000 stars , I could rate it .Game creator is LEGENDARY! ..

  • machidavsshogun110

    machidavsshogun110 Lovin ths game Ths game is the best game i evr played.Nice images and good teams.This game has a one of a kind song.FYI you goda download ths game.BEST GA E EVER!!!!Thats why i give them 5/5

  • mpuplava

    mpuplava Awesome The graphics,the teams,the trophies and the gameplay they are all awesome but not as awesome as me but l still call awesomeness

  • gepjce

    gepjce I would rate it ZERO stars if possible.... Tackling is the problem of this game n there are no new teams, leagues .... Graphics are very bad..... Really bad Game.... Plz improve this game Good

  • Breepoppylou

    Breepoppylou Tackling Ther iz the problem of tackling and thr iz no new teams and statidem to and thr iz no skills perfomence n new features.....the game iz good but it should be excellent Just wow

  • cemyQueenty

    cemyQueenty Froze Been doing good through the regular season, once I tried a cup, froze, that's it, Cup over. The time kept going and going, dude was stuck in one spot running around like a crackhead in a box. Had to "quit" game, so it was a 0-3 forfeit, can't win a cup with that. What's the point of accumulating points of you can't level up your guys anymore? wow lol

  • eddiezubia

    eddiezubia Its football Great game but i got a few questions –1. In which foot ball game does the goal keeper come out of the penalty box with the ball. 2. Why are there cheers only at the start and when you score goal's. The game is good , it will be better if you fix these problems.

  • sbsolutions

    sbsolutions Love it Its a really nice game um. I also recomend clash of clans or Fifa 15 Very awesome thxx Mouse games

  • Zestcopesew

    Zestcopesew It is fun and it is just like soccer so if love soccer then you will love this:-) :-) :-D

  • msytdywlp

    msytdywlp Glitches opponents Very fast players but in works cup on 90 mins my opponents starts glitching and when I tackled him it goes normal and glitches again and I need to stop it giving them 3-0 wat the flip Worth it!